Importance of gate location for Plastic Fan Mold
The location of the injection mold gate directly affects the quality of the finished part, so consider the following general rules:

Gates should be kept away from pins, cores and other internal obstructions. Otherwise, this can cause weld marks as molten plastic flows around them and reforms on the other side

Gates should be placed closest to the thick walled area to ensure complete packing

Improper gate placement can cause part distortion if the build volume fills unevenly across the part
The gate is a stressful area. Try to place gates away from finished parts where they can be affected by stress traces or potential degradation of the plastic that occurs in these areas

Doors need to be located in areas that can be easily closed manually or automatically. Note that some plastics are susceptible to high shear forces, so doors should only be manually removed

Thin-walled parts may require flow channels or additional gates to provide adequate amounts of plastic with minimal cycle time

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