The first update to be tested on PTR focused on database and server issues.

Blizzard announced last November that Diablo 2 Resurrected would be considered a live-service game, which included implementing its public beta Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale area or PTR stress-testing it before the update was released.Currently, the PTR is live, and Blizzard encourages players to help with stress testing.

The PTR is used to test the upcoming 2.4 update, which introduces a competitive ladder game mode, but there is currently only a small server and database update for testing. And the original PTR patch notes contained only one update.

Players will be able to jump right into the PTR game as a level 99 character, and the beta area allows all players who own the game to join. Additionally, Blizzard has released some instructions for accessing the PTR.

Blizzard informed players of the most useful ways to help them test PTR, adding that it would be helpful if players could create different types of characters.

Blizzard has made minor changes to the test environment since the launch of the PTR, and they introduced a token that includes players can use to redesignate the characters they use on the PTR. In addition, the developers said that the equipment will be rectified in time for the 2.4 update in the PTR.

This upcoming D2R Items update looks very important in Blizzard's D2R plans, but Blizzard currently has no update 2.4 release schedule on the PTR or in live games.

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