When you first engaged everything feels like it happened so fast. From the moment you say 'Yes!' There is a busy activity that doesn't seem to stop until you both say 'I do.' Once engaged, there are some things you have to do right after it will get you up to succeed for the rest of wedding planning! Event organizers in chennai

Step 1- Tell people important:
There is nothing worse than hearing about the involvement of your friends via Facebook. In the age of social media, it can tempt to post everything in real-time, but we recommend a moment to tell people who are really important directly so they don't feel blind by seeing your beautiful news in their Insta feed. Make a VIP list and make sure everyone is silent until the list is finished - think of parents, siblings, and important family members. Event organiser in chennai

Step 2- Insure your ring:
Okay, this is rather boring, but this is important! Make sure you insure your ring so if something happens (tap wood) You don't need to worry about replacing it at a cost! Many jewelry will offer a treatment plan that includes cleaning, and wear but you also have to see replacement insurance if the pieces are lost or stolen.

Step 3- Celebrate only you two:
Before you start telling people, beat and celebrate only you two. If the proposal is public, take a bottle of bubble and spend quality time with each other before you tell the world. Best event planners in chennai

Step 4- Win your friends:
You might already have an idea of ​​who your bridal party is, so collect them to celebrate too! You don't have to strengthen any plans, but having your close friends celebrate with you will help engagement you continue to feel special.

Step 5- Spread the News:
Okay, now you can vomit the Swoon-decent ring post on Instagram. Enjoy the inclusion of congratulations and good expectations of people you haven't talked about since high school and getting ready to start planning your wedding!

Bonus - Have fun!:
This is the most important! As soon as the waves of excitement have calmed from the initial involvement, it is time to think of what you want from your marriage. Sit with your fiance (!!), cracked several champerers, and plunged into the Pinterest hole. Let the pleasure begins! Event planners in chennai