For our young people, cannabis has addiction-cannabisbecome an easily accessible substance , both in terms of its cost and how easy it is to obtain it, and at the same time it is seen with a certain permissiveness by the society that has been softening it. the consideration of a dangerous drug.

At the same time, we must not lose sight of the fact that the current generation of parents has already lived through this transformation and have had and / or some of them still have access to the use of cannabis or have relatives, acquaintances or friends who they use it. It is clear that a transformation has already taken place and that the meaning that society, families and the person himself gave to the use and risks of its consumption has gone from the first valuations where it was equated with the door.

from the beginning to the beginning of substances considered to be of greater risk, until the present one, where the valuation that How to Overcome Drug Addiction is made of the cannabis with respect to the risks that can cause is comparable to the one that is made with the alcohol and the tobacco.

In this new framework, we must also reflect on the changes in the rituals of entry into adulthood. Cannabis use has become a new ritual of access to the adolescent world comparable to that previously done with alcohol and tobacco.

The debate has already opened up and it is a new reality that is on the street with the proliferation of cannabis clubs . Now we all need to think about a new way of approaching this new reality.

Users, parents, educators, health professionals, etc., should be able to have a different view on cannabis consumption, more flexible and not so alarming , that does not deviate from the reality of young people and allow us to talk about it with them, but not without a prudent observation that allows us to reflect when the consumption escapes our hands, as we have been doing with the consumption of alcohol or psychotropic drugs