Bringing about social change can be a mindful task. Communities today are severely fragmented, with technology and globalization being among the contributing factors to the increasing distance between social groups. 

If you have decided to become more aware of your purchases this 2022, understanding a brand’s philosophy and purpose can help you make informed buys. 

Ikikai seeks to bridge the gap between the fragmented communities of India by facilitating a sustainable partnership ecosystem with: 

  1. Emerging artists across India 
  2. Small businesses, predominantly women-led
  3. Social organizations 
  4. NGOs 

Ikikai partners with artists across the different communities to promote products that are curated with love and consciously-sourced. Each product boasts skill and design, showcasing the eye for detail that the creators should be recognized for. 

All Ikikai products are created by artisans across India who adhere to exacting standards to ensure that the quality of the product delivered is top notch. Additionally, your purchase from Ikikai is made with love and some of the most ethically and consciously sourced materials in the country. 

Each product listed on the website undergoes rigorous quality checks before it is shipped to the customer. 

With sustainability being among the core tenets of the brand, the packaging of each product is environment-friendly, reusable and sustainable as well! 

Finally, the significant social impact that every purchase has on the communities listed above make sustainable shopping a rewarding and engaging experience. 

Making the shift from mainstream shopping to environment and socially-conscious shopping may require mindful effort. The benefits, however,  are plenty and profound! 

If you are a pet-parent, aware and conscious shopping for your furry family member can be a challenge. Ikikai makes this a reality with handcrafted and unique pet accessories from IndieGood! 

IndieGood is a homegrown design brand that is specialized in functional products for sustainable and organized living. Each product is designed to celebrate Indian craftsmanship, with multiple collaborations across the country! 

Spoil your pet while also contributing to social upliftment and change with the following pet products from Ikikai and IndieGood: 


  • Blue Collar 


This collar is handcrafted, eco-friendly, and organically sourced. Made of canvas and organic corduroy, the material is soft on your puppy’s skin, ensuring that it does not affect mobility or comfort. The collar also prevents rashes and is available in 3 size configurations, ensuring that you have a size that is perfect for your pooch. 

The collar is double-stitched to enhance durability and strength and can be easily worn with a buckle closing, making this the perfect gift for all breeds!


  • Brown Collar 


The brown collar by IndieGood is the perfect collar for all dog breeds and can be adjusted to the right size. Made of organic corduroy and canvas, the collar is soft and gentle on your pet’s skin. This prevents any rashes and chaffing during playtime. 

The material for this collar is organically sourced and eco-friendly. Handcrafted and brought to life by women entrepreneurs, the brown collar is an ideal switch to make from a traditional, store-bought collar. 



  • Brown Bond Collar and Bracelet


The brown bond collar and bracelet have been curated and handcrafted to celebrate the unique and special bond that you share with your pet. The collars are made from canvas and organic corduroy which are soft and gentle on your and your pet’s skin! 

Each bracelet snaps close with 3 buttons, that can be adjusted to fit every wrist size. The collars are available in 3 sizes as well, making them the perfect fit for every pooch! 

Remember the bond fondly when you are apart while also celebrating the efforts of women entrepreneurs and talented artisans with this stylish accessory! 



  • Complete Pet Dog Set (Brown)


The complete pet dog set is the perfect choice for pet parents looking for eco-friendly alternatives to all the accessories their dog needs. The collar and leash in this set are made from material that is strong and soft. This ensures that your dog is comfortable at all times when wearing the collar and on the leash. 

One of the key highlights of this set is the customer name tag that is designed from brass. Coupled with a bowtie and a pin, these accessories add charm and a hint of sparkle to your furry friend’s look. 

The matching bracelet that comes in this set celebrates the unique bond that you share with your pet. Each bracelet comes with 3 snap buttons so they can be adjusted to every wrist size. 



  • Blue Leash 


The handcrafted blue leash is designed to support your dog’s playtime and exercise. The loop of the leash is created with an organic corduroy base. This gives you a comfortable and soft grip that can help you join your pet for a time of fun activity and physical stimulation! 

The leash is additionally double-stitched. This contributes to durability and strength and can easily be slipped on and off. The leash also comes with a sturdy hook that is safe and reliable. 


Making the switch to eco-conscious and sustainable pet accessories that contribute to societal upliftment can be a great way to kickstart the New Year! Choose for products that are ethically sourced and designed to promote comfortable and functional living for you and your pet!