Cotton bedsheets are probably a staple in everyone’s bedroom and rightly so, for their benefits are almost second to none. Nowadays, cotton double bedsheets come in tons of varieties, from mixed materials to patterns and color splashes. Cotton is better than velvet or satin, for it is breathable and airy. Never override comfort for looks, especially when it comes to your bedroom. Cotton bedsheets are not as boring as people claim them to be. You could style a flat, cotton double bedsheet with lace sheets, or satin pillows, or velvet sheets, to bring more texture into your bedroom.

Cotton is a versatile fabric, produced from the pods of tress, or other mechanical procedures. Most premium quality cotton double bed sheets are the best. You could go for any type of thread count. Make sure that the company you are buying your King cotton bedsheet from does not test on animals and pays fair wages to their workers. Let us delve deep into why cotton bedsheets are your best bet:

Why cotton bed sheets are the best bet?

  1. Variety of Choices:

Cotton is a versatile fabric. It can be blended and re-processed to make different types of fabrics. A higher thread count and a fine weave ensure quality. The wooden part of the bamboo is crushed to a mushy pulp to make a substance called viscose rayon. The enzyme process used to break down the pulp is synthetic, however, the resulting bamboo cotton fabric is used to make thermoregulating and sustainable bamboo cotton bedsheets.

Pure cotton can be mixed with synthetic polyester to create a mixed blend of cotton-polyester. The ratio of cotton to polyester is usually 6:4. However, it differs according to the end product created from that blend. Egyptian cotton is the best fabric to make bedsheets as they are long and strong. It creates a higher thread count and ensures quality cotton double bedsheetproduction.

  • Anti Microbial: An Utmost Necessity in 2021-2022

A King size bedsheet made from premium quality organic cotton is made with anti-microbial fibers and spun into a yarn. The method is usually done with silver threads, making the weave very clustered and smooth. There is no space for microbes to thrive in. A dense weave with a higher thread count makes it dust-resistant. You could invest in an organic cotton pillow, invested with the goodness of neem, also known as nimbus pillows. They keep away mites and microbes and are great for your skin. With the pandemic raging on, investing in an anti-microbial bedsheet is of utmost importance.

  • Saves you from Skin Woes

If your child is prone to getting rashes, or you have a newborn, whose skin is super sensitive, please choose a cotton double bedsheet that is organic and hypoallergenic. Cotton, without any mixed or synthetic additives, regulate body temperature well and also absorbs a lot of sweat. If you invest in organic cotton bedsheets, rest assured, your skin and hair will thank you for the utmost care. Being free from toxic chemicals, saves you from skin woes.

  • Best for Humid Weather

Pure cotton bedsheets absorb the most amount of sweat. Cotton bedsheets, especially those made from pure, Egyptian cotton are the best bed sheets for tropical weather. They are long-lasting and durable. Investing in a sweat-absorbing and cooling bed sheet during summers would be the best bet. Don’t we all love to cool off in bed during summers?

  • Lasts for years

Cotton bedsheets last for a long time. They are flat fabrics with no mixed blends, making them easier to care for. Organic cotton bedsheetslast longer than ordinary bedsheets. The high-quality cotton weave is obviously to blame. During the pandemic, cotton bed sheets are your best bet, as you need to wash your bed sheets frequently. Invest in a quality cotton bed sheet now and it will probably last through the entirety of the remaining pandemic.

  • Low Maintenance

Cotton bedsheets require zero skills to maintain. You could just throw them into a washer with cold water and dry them flat out in the sun. You could take some extra care and use good detergents. If you have a white bedsheet, please do not throw them with colors in the washer, for they might stain.

  • Ideal for your Baby’s Skin

Cotton bed sheets are breathable, hypoallergenic, and thermo-regulating, making them ideal for your baby’s skin. The weave and spin on a yarn make organic cotton bedsheets super soft to touch. They are available in a wide variety of prints and fits available for you to choose from. Some bedding companies also offer customizable options.

  • Affordable and Accessible

Cotton bedsheets are pretty affordable and are found in almost every retailer. If you want luxurious quality, go for the one with a higher thread count. Organic cotton bedsheets may cost a few bucks more than an ordinary cotton double bedsheet, but the benefits that come from using organic bed sheets are worth the money. They are sustainable, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, breathable, easy maintenance, and soft to touch. Not to mention, they keep a whole community of organic cotton farmers in employment.

  • Soft and Stretchable

Cotton bedsheets with a higher thread count and finer weave feel so gentle on the skin that you can barely feel it. Pure cotton without any trace of mixed fabric is the softest fabric ever. It neither irritates the skin nor does it cause any rashes. They are also very stretchable, making them a true luxury.

  1. Organic for the Win

Natural silk cotton, a premium quality cotton fabric is also known as Ilavam Panju. It is derived from the southern plains of India and is an excellent sustainable fabric choice. The cotton pods are used to fill mattresses. The cotton is also spun to make eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and ache-relieving cotton bedsheets. It is completely natural and free from synthetic additives. It is a better choice for the environment and a healthier choice for you.

Signing Off: Organic vs Ordinary

Contrary to popular belief, organic cotton bedsheets won’t cost you a liver and a kidney. They may be priced slightly higher than an ordinary cotton double bedsheet. However, they are worth the pocket pinch. Not only are they free from harmful chemicals, but they are also sustainable and leave almost no waste. Most organic cotton manufacturers source and process cotton in rural areas, giving employment to several cottage industry workers.

If you are still not convinced, try using an organic bath towel for a few days. Trust us! There is no turning back once you have used the softest cotton bedding. If you are looking for sustainable businesses that sell quality cotton bedding that is prepared naturally, we recommend Amouve Bedding and Bath Products. They have a wide range of organic products like organic Kapok mattresses, Kapok pillows, cotton bath towels, organic fitted bedsheets, organic cotton bed sheets, and tons more.

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