Many people hesitate between Oilless Sliding Bearing and linear bearings, and do not know which of the two is more suitable. The reason for this trouble is mainly because everyone does not know enough about oil-free bushings and linear bearings, and cannot distinguish between the two. Some people even think that the two can be mixed, but in fact it is not the case.

There is a certain difference in the performance of oil-free bushings and linear bearings. Both can be used with the guide shaft, but the effect is different. Oil-free bushings are sliding friction, and the resistance during operation is relatively large, but the bearing capacity is also relatively large, but the hand feel is relatively poor and the cost is relatively lower. However, there is a steel ball device in the linear bearing, which is rolling friction, so the resistance is much smaller than that of the oil-free bushing, but the load bearing is relatively small, and the price is more expensive.

It can be seen that there is a big difference between oil-free bushings and linear bearings in terms of structure, performance, and price. These factors should be fully considered when choosing, but the most important thing is to consider actual needs, because of the difference The use of bearings in places has different requirements for bearings, so you must choose according to actual needs to be able to choose the best quality and most suitable products.

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