To get the best stats, I'd suggest 85 Strength and Attack, and 80 Defense. You could go with lower stats but it's really inefficient to RS gold have slow kills/not many kills in a trip. It's nice to see Eadgars Ruse completed, simply since it's a better route to GWD. I'd also recommend having the necessary Summoning Level for at least a War Tortoise that can store items.

I have tried to limit the armour so it's not too expensive. For instance, an Divine Spirit Shield would be the best choice however, not everyone can afford that. Hope this helped, and if you'd like to have an inventory, just ask. Most of the time, it's not difficult to find out.

Which barrows should I buy torags or guthans? Both are reasonably priced for me. Also , since i'm planning to purchase the barrows set, should i not be working on a fighter torso? What do i do with my dragon platelegs and rune platebody?

If you're looking to purchase a barrows set, I would recommend Veracs. The skirt and helm offer the highest defense for their position (of the armours of the barrows) and the brassard is a little weaker than Torag's, Guthan's or the plates of Dharok. However, Verac's is a nice prayer reward (unlike other armours used by barrows) and is a unique set.

It's my understanding that you already have Dragon Legs and you're aiming for a fighter torso and what I'd suggest for you to do is to keep those as your main armor, but take a Guthan's set with you for use with its special attack to heal.

Your main armour set is non-degradable and offensive friendly (torso offers strength boosts, which is not the case with barrows). Be aware that outside of Dharok's set and Verac's in certain situations, all other Barrows Sets (including weapons) are useless.

So the top three choices for you in my opinion The Verac's skirt/Dragon Legs and Fighter torso. Abyssal Dragon Whip Defender (you could also have a Guthan's set to heal you , in addition to this). Torag's Legs and Plate along and Whip and Defender. This offers a high level of defense but for the majority of scenarios it's almost redundant since you don't get hit much anyways. The Verac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The full set can be used to perform certain tasks such as Kalphite queen as well as barrows, or PvP.

It's a team effort. You may be a good keyer but without a equally excellent team it's pointless. You could be able to do 5:5 largers with at most three good players, including you. This could be someone who has either quits rage or just being lazy or not doing much.

I feel that having certain products helps a lot too. For instance, The Shadow Silk Hooded. Not just for you , but for the entire team. Since just one person not experiencing it could slow down rs 2007 gold your dungeon even if you're trying for A lever room. But the Skeletons continue to attack your Non Hooded one.