I gave him those shoes. It was cheap Madden 22 coins like saying"Grasshopper, it's your moment to carry this torch. It's your responsibility to be able to carry it with ease. I'm confident that Saquon will be able to do a fine job of that. Saquon is a good kid. He reminds me of a large amount of me. He is strong and has his head on straight. That's what impresses me most. It's not the stats. I love how that he is able to carry himself.

It will be Bo Jackson. But when you reflect upon those NFL running backs who've taken on you, which ones bring you back to your own?

I can only think of two -- Saquon as well as Derrick Henry -- on the sheer strength, power and ability to maneuver between the field and defense. They do not necessarily have the speed I did. But they've made things work. They're very efficient in what they do. That's why they're often looked at as top of the best running backs in the present.

In the course of your career, tell us about a action you've made that you believe could have been the result of playing video games?

The thing that is not talked about other than Denver Broncos fans is when we visited Denver and I was able to go mut coins madden 22 through their defense on one play like cutting through butter with a hot knife. Not to brag, but an actual fact due to the size that I was at the time and how low I had to be in college to be able to run with pads behind me. This means that you wouldn't find me upright, when I didn't have someone 5 or 6 yards behind me trying to pursue me. However, when I was on the road, in deep of the traffic it only took me an instant to recognize that not running on your pads is harmful to your health. I'm not able to remember the name of the guy but he was a linebacker from the Cardinals when they were in Phoenix. He blew me up. He took me down on the 6- or 7-yard line and knocked me off the 2. He helped me up and said, 'Hey Bo take note, you must pay my bill. You need to run harder. I'm looking at him like, 'You have lost your mind. I'm not going back into the same hole for a second. In the next game I bounced it out and ran at my speed.