In New World, players can create their characters and join factions, allowing other players to join PvP guilds for the greater good of their faction and conquer many areas of Aeternum. Players can choose a faction and stick with it, or change a faction. Players can freely choose to join one of three factions: Syndicate, Marauder, and Covenant.

When the player travels to the faction they want to join, the player needs to talk to the representative of the starting settlement. Delegates will ask players to lock their selections. The game currently allows players to switch factions if they feel they have made a mistake. However, Amazon Games has developed a system that prevents players from transferring to the New World Gold faction that owns the most land. New World players can change factions by loading the player's character and pressing "K".

When the new menu opens, click on the Creatures tab. In the bottom left corner of the screen, players can see the "Change Faction" button. Clicking the button opens a new menu showing the other two factions in New World. However, players cannot switch to the faction with the most territory. If the player wants to join the faction, they will need to wait for the player's gang to take over or a third faction to collect more land.

If the player successfully switches factions, the New World Coins player will again enter the 120-day change-faction lock-in period. Players will also lose faction rank and all faction badges earned through quests. Therefore, changing a player's faction will hinder the player from progressing in titles and gear. By the way, NewWorldCoins will wholeheartedly help players, allowing players to easily get a lot of New World Coins without much money.