Preparing the lesson of food chains and food networks in the five-way method, science subject, third grade of primary school, second semester

We will learn about some of the objectives of the article:

Consolidating the learner in God Almighty, and introducing him to the wonderful creation of God and the splendor of the beauty, accuracy and coordination that indicate the power and greatness of the Creator, the Mighty and Sublime.
Providing the learner with the appropriate amount of scientific facts and concepts that help him to understand, interpret and realize the services that science provides to man in terms of facilitating his life and enabling him to make good use of them.
Planting the seeds of the scientific method in the learner’s psyche by developing his tendency to research, observe, observe, explore, experiment, compare, conclude, analyze and verify its validity, and boldness in questioning, knowing its origins and manners, expressing an opinion and knowing its limits.

تحضير الكفايات اللغويه 1
Knowing the environment and understanding the important phenomena that surround it and harnessing it in reforming, developing and preserving it.
Expanding the horizons of the learner by learning about the natural resources and wealth of his homeland and introducing him to the blessings of God on him and his country so that he can make good use of them and benefit from them.
Taking care of the applied aspects by providing the learner with the opportunity to do experiments and tests and enabling him to acquire manual and practical experiences.
Introducing the learner to health rules, accustoming him to sound habits and establishing them, and introducing him to the role that good health plays in human life.
Appreciating the efforts of Muslims and highlighting their role in advancing civilization and achieving the prosperity and progress of mankind.

Preparing the lesson of food chains and networks in the five-way method:

Worksheets for all lessons

PowerPoint presentations for all science lessons

Preparing the lesson of food chains and food networks in the five-way method

Distinctive explanations for PowerPoint presentations, lesson on food chains and networks


Model answers and solutions for all questions and tests

This is just an example and not a limitation

Exploration in the lesson of strings with the quinquennial preparation

Inquiry into the “Contact” building: Ask the students to use the models they prepared for food chains in making a food web, and explain to them what is meant by a food chain, a food web, and certainly the path of energy transmission.

Guided investigation Explore more: Ask the students to search for information about the animals that live in their environment, with the help of a parent or computer teacher, and make a model of a food web showing the energy path from one to the other and present it to the class.

Which animals can survive on land and coexist in an ecosystem?

  Enrichment and expansion

Ask the students to design a table; To compare two types of ecosystems. They have to take into account the similarities and differences between the living and non-living components of the two ecosystems

I encourage the students to consider the role that algae play in influencing the Earth’s atmosphere as the first products, and give them an opportunity to participate with each other in their work