Cosmetics are a great pick-me-up any day. There are also confidence boosters, selfie inspirers, and of course, catalysts to a striking first impression. However, shopping cosmetics is never easy. There are a host of products and brands out there and each of them deliver different results for different people. This makes it really difficult to blindly trust a recommendation or reviews. This makes is real challenging to shop cosmetics, especially if you decide to buy your cosmetics online. While this has been the case typically, things are changing now and how.

Today, online cosmetics shopping offer a while lot of advantages apart from discounts. In fact, even celebrities today prefer online cosmetics shopping rather than visiting what used to be their favourite cosmetics store. If you are wondering what has changed, well, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of online cosmetics stores.

Pro # 1

Try before you buy is one of the biggest reasons people have shifted to online cosmetics stores. What this means is that unlike offline stores where you have to demo a product that has been used by hundreds of other people to decide if you like it, this feature allows you to try cosmetics without paying for them before you decide to buy. This ensures a product of your preference is delivered at your doorstep in a sealed and hygienic manner. Moreover, you can try if for a couple of days and not just once before you decide it is the right product for your requirement. This is extremely critical when you consider how expensive every single cosmetic product is and how the same products deliver different results for everyone. Hence, buying cosmetics online is a win-win situation for most shoppers – the convenience of doorstep delivery along with try before you buy to ensure you only spend on products you will appreciate in the long run.

Con # 1

You might be expected to pay shipping fees or minimum subscription fees.

Pro # 2

A curated inventory featuring the best brands and products across the price spectrum is available for you when you decide to do cosmetics shopping online with the best apps out there. This saves you the trouble of verifying brand claims by newer entrants. It also makes it a lot easier for you to spot best-sellers. This is because when you buy cosmetics online from an online cosmetics store, they help you with recommendation and categorization based on personalization and your unique requirements rather than a one-size-fits-all approach while selling. This is extremely helpful when you consider the sheer amount of cosmetic products you have purchased in the past because a salesperson recommended it without asking a single question about your needs.

Con #2

You might be tempted to buy all the cosmetics that you truly require to put together the ensemble on your mind instead of cutting it short.

Pro #3

One of the biggest advantages online cosmetics store offer apart from discount when you shop with them is that they offer freshly manufactured products at your doorstep. This saves you the hassle of going all the way to a cosmetics store only to discover that the product you want is lying with the store since 6 months now and will expire in another 12 months. This reduces the value you can get for your money to a great extent. On the other hand, an online cosmetics store not only offers you great discounts but also offer you freshly manufactured products. This ensures you are able to make the most of those products before they expire.

Con #3

You will need to shop for your favourite cosmetics less often since you will them with you for maximum shelf life.