A power sprayer is a machine that disperses liquid into a mist. It is a type of machine, divided into agricultural, medical and other uses (such as industrial use). Agricultural use is classified as a plant protection machine for agricultural machinery. It is generally called the sprayer driven by human power, and the sprayer driven by the power (engine, electric motor). The sprayer is divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal sprayers according to the working principle. According to the way of carrying, it is divided into a handheld, backpack, shoulder, pedal, stretcher, cart, self-propelled, vehicle-mounted, suspended, etc., as well as aviation sprayers.

The scope of application of electric power sprayer:

Widely used in general industrial equipment, medical equipment, chemical equipment, agriculture (lawn and garden), tourism vehicles, special vehicles, ships, beverages, vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, water purification and water treatment equipment.

1. The electric sprayer used in the production of agriculture can also be retrofitted to the electric sprayer by hand pressure sprayer (install a miniature water pump directly on the hand pressure sprayer, and then equip a battery or portable lamp).

2. Solve the use of water for eating, washing, bathing, toilet and flushing in vehicles, ships, yachts, and boats.

3. Food and beverage processing and processing equipment to realize the transfer, distribution, and filling of fluid food.

4. Household water supply. For example, water-saving toilets, water-saving toilets, electric toilets, water pipe pressurization systems, etc.

6. Other equipment and systems that require a liquid transfer, injection and even metering. For example, garbage trucks, sprinklers, carpet cleaning equipment, floor cleaning equipment, vehicle cleaning equipment, road construction equipment, dishwashers, medical equipment, chemical equipment, chemical protection equipment, disinfection equipment, cooling systems, pressurization systems, etc.

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