Massage therapies provide benefits to the bodies of the receiver, which they can never get into their busy scheduled routines, no matter how many power naps they take. These naps might help you with the ongoing stress and headaches but the energy a massage can provide aren’t comparable.

What are the benefits of Pregnancy massage London?

A massage rejuvenates the whole body including the mind and body. Improves the immune system, cholesterol level, and blood circulation. These massages also help in reducing the stress and tension of the muscles. Following are some of the benefits, pregnancy massages offer to a pregnant woman:

  • Massage therapy elevates the happy hormones in the body. These massages can also reduce stress factors in the body. These stressed hormones are already less in women in happy moods while will be inverted in women with depressed moods.
  • Being physically relaxed can energize your mind and body and give a refreshing experience.
  • The pregnancy massages can relax the mother to be from joint pains and stressed muscles.
  • Every relaxed muscle of the body will play a part in a full night of improved sleep.
  • It is proven that massage therapies can bring out positive moods.
  • Message relieves the neck pain, pain in the back, swollen ankles, and swollen feet.
  • Massage therapy relieves a pregnant woman from a lot of common problems that women usually get into during these days. Such as heartburn, sciatica, nausea, etc.
  • Gentle massages on the tummy of the mother-to-be can reduce the pain of labour and pains before that. The more the mother has relaxed the less the chances are for the mother to go under a complication before delivery.
  • Pregnancy massages provide the mother-to-be an opportunity to take a while and let someone relax their body and give a chance to restore their maximum strength possible.
  • Regular massages can help you restore your strength after the delivery quickly than normal.
  • This massage can reduce the stress on the nervous system and swellings of certain parts of the body.

What physical changes does a mother go through during Pregnancy?

Pregnancy involves a lot of changes in the body of the mother. Along with the physical changes of increased weight and expanded belly mothers also go through hormonal changes and morning sickness throughout the nine months. Every mother usually has a different experience during these days but most of them undergo the same complications and concerns.

There are a lot of factors deciding a mother’s nine months journey. A lot of things can go wrong if not followed a healthy diet and exercise throughout proposed by the doctor. The more you rest is better for your health.

Concerns during all the Trimesters

First Trimester

The first trimesters are the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy which are the most responsible ones. Because there is a great risk of miscarriage during these days. Mothers need to be careful around the therapist too. This is why they should know what their body needs at what stage and what service they are allowed to receive.

These days the baby grows from an egg to an embryo. Which consists of basic organs like ears, eyes, etc. massages during this trimester are not recommended unless prescribed by the doctor.

Second Trimester

The second trimester consists of the 13th to 26th week, usually. The physical pains and belly size increase in this trimester. Massages can help with the increasing pains so are highly recommended.

This is the phase where women are recommended not to lie straight for a long time. Because that might cause problems in breathing and back pain, etc. The massages suggested in this stage helps you overcome these problems. So, you don’t have to be under stress in this situation.

Third Trimester

This trimester starts with the 27th week of the pregnancy and ends with labour. At this stage, pregnant women feel more stress and anxiety because the changes are at maximum. This is the time not to do anything but rest, the more the merrier. The therapist will be more focusing on the swollen hands, ankles, and feet.

During this time mother-to-be will be the most emotional and would be needing the maximum help. The pregnancy massage London can give the mother a relaxed experience that will calm her stressed muscles providing her with a soothing adventure.

What practices can help go through pregnancy easily?

Following are some of the practices a mother-to-be can adapt to have a healthy and stress-free nine months:

  • Keep eating small amounts of a healthy diet throughout the day.
  • Try using loose clothes only, instead of tight ones.
  • Wear comforting shoes instead of heels and hard boots.
  • If you feel less comfortable in a single pillow, try using more to get cosy.
  • Get more rest than you think you need but also participate in the exercises suggested for you to keep yourself healthy and fit.
  • Don’t hesitate in receiving help from friends and family.
  • Be open to the doctor about any concerns you are having. Because a healthy and relaxed mind is essential for risk-free pregnancy.

Uncomfortable experiences

During the pregnancy, women cannot do the tasks properly, they are responsible for. Due to the creation of new life in their belly, they are already bearing great responsibility. All around the pregnancy there comes days when you are allowed to work a little less than usual and also the days when you are not even allowed to lie straight for long.

Because doing so can disturb the blood circulation in your body putting the mother-to-be and baby at risk. These conditions can also disturb the digestion system causing more urge to urine than usual, increased appetite, and random mood swings can easily heighten your hormones.

Morning sickness is one of the common changes every woman faces according to their condition. Some just feel this condition during only the first trimester although some might feel the labour. Morning sickness can cause dehydration in the body making the skin drier and tighter than before.

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