Polyester Spun Yarns are yarns made from man-made polymers, usually sold as acrylic or novelty yarns. Acrylic yarns are inexpensive, warm, strong, and often machine washable, but they are also prone to pilling and lack the breathability of natural fibers. Novel yarns come in a variety of unusual textures, ranging from fake fur-like yarns to trapezoidal or ribbon-like yarns with glitter or sequins are woven into the fibers. Weavers and other fiber artists allergic to animal fibers often use polyester instead of wool due to its warmth and durability. It is also often used for knitted items that require frequent washing, such as household items or clothing for babies or children.

Polyester should be hand washed. A great use for polyester yarn is in knitted or crocheted blankets, blankets or Afghan blankets. Most commercial polyester fibers come in a variety of colors that can be combined into crocheted granny squares or colorful knit patterns. Polyester yarns are also generally not available in dye batches, so knitters can buy as many as they need without worrying about yarn. Subtle chromatic aberrations or tonal changes in lines. Because polyester fibers are safe to machine wash, blankets woven from them can be thrown in the washing machine as soon as they get dirty.

Polyester fabric. The polyester yarn's ability to be machine washed also makes it a great option for other household items that tend to get dirty from everyday use, such as cushion covers. A small amount of leftover yarn can be used for knitting projects such as coasters, dishcloths, bathers, and gift bags. Since polyester fibers absorb heat, a teapot or cup woven from the polyester yarn can help hot beverages retain heat for longer.

Polyester yarn is generally inexpensive, warm, and durable. With babies and toddlers quickly becoming unclothed, relatively inexpensive polyester fibers are a good option for knitted baby clothes and accessories. Knitters also often use polyester yarn for children's clothing because children are difficult to wear, and polyester is an easy-care fiber. Toys for babies, children and adults are also commonly woven or crocheted with polyester fibers.

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