The Science stream is a fascinating subject for those students wishing to become engineers, doctors, data scientists, etc.; the stream has seen many advancements over the years and will continue to develop over the years. So if you also have an interest in science. Read on this article by NCPS Jaipur.

Why pursue the science stream?

It’s a myth that the science stream only teaches physics, biology, chemistry, and math because you also gain problem-solving, analytical, and decision-making skills. The subjects are a mix of theory and practice. So if you have an interest in a stream full of challenges and discovery, we recommend it to you. 

Science stream: summary

The science stream is a path students can choose in 11th grade. The stream is categorized into two parts: non-medical (physics, chemistry, and math) and medical (physics, chemistry, and biology), also known as PCM and PCB.

Overview of the science stream subjects

Let’s give you an overview of the science stream subjects to give you an idea about what you will be learning at one of the Best Science Schools in Pratap Nagar Jaipur.

Chemistry: Chemistry is an entirely elemental subject, meaning that you will be studying atoms and matter in it. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the properties, compositions, and structures of various molecules, elements, and matter through surface chemistry, atomic structure, chemical kinetics, chemical bonding, etc. Here are some interesting facts about this subject.

  • Thanks to technological advancements, new sectors have started arising in the chemistry field, such as biomolecules, synthetic materials, industrial chemistry, natural resources, etc.
  • The subject is divided into organic and inorganic chemistry.

Physics: Physics is considered one of the oldest academic subjects and areas taught at the No. 1 School For Science. It is the research of motion, force, matter, and energy via the laws of motion, electrostatics, electronic devices, thermodynamics, kinematics, etc. let’s see what more it has to offer at Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School).  

  • With the advancement of technologies in physics as well, you have a bright future in mechanics and nuclear physics.
  • Physics develops observational, investigatory, analytical, decision making, and investigatory skills in you.

Mathematics: Mathematics, the study of numbers, teaches you the advanced concepts of quantity, structure, and space through calculus, reasoning, algebra, probability, linear programming, etc. let’s see why math is essential.

  • You learn to prove your results, identify the flow of reason, and understand the principles of underlying skills when solving a problem.

Biology: Biology is fundamentally the study of living organisms, including us. Through biology, you learn physiological mechanisms, molecular interactions, physical structures, evolution, and development in living beings through cell structure and functions, the structural organization in plants and animals, human physiology, plant physiology, etc. Here are some interesting facts about biology.

  • You need it to become a doctor.
  • It is the most favorite subject in the science stream.

Computer Science: Computer Science is the science of computers, i.e., programming. This practical subject combined with math is essential for students wishing to pursue and to become engineers. Here are some notable features of this subject.

  • You will learn a programming language such as Rust.
  • You will learn the fundamentals and advance of the language and then submit a final working code project at the end of 12th grade.

Advantages of science stream subjects

If you have decided to pursue the science stream in 11th grade, you want to know the benefits you will get from it. So here are the advantages of the science stream at Ideal Education Point (New Choudhary Public School).

  • After choosing the science stream, your career options are not limited to engineering and MBBS. You have related career options to choose from, like research & development, data science, and architecture.
  • You can switch from the science stream to business management, law, journalism, etc., with complete eligibility and no restrictions whatsoever.
  • You get the chance to contribute to society with your inventions.