New MCU Toys Reveal Jane Foster's Thor Look from Love and Thunder - Windobi


With the months-long awaited Thor:

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Love and Thunder from its release, Marvel isn't letting go of silence about the movie's details. Official photos of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster remain under wraps.

But the new action figure from Bandai's SH Figuarts line has given fans what to expect. The new Goddess of Lightning, revealed in all her glory,

bears a striking resemblance to her comic counterparts Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman, for which she was crowned Mighty Thor. her face and self Interestingly, the armor design here

appears to be consistent with the one that was captured on the crew t-shirts last June. The trusty hammer of a superhero. It seems to deviate from the cartoon. Both Mjolnir ornaments showed signs of reforging