While Lost Ark's overall rating gives a slightly misleading picture, it's actually 50/50 on Steam right now. There are currently about 76,000 Steam reviews, 67% of which are positive. And among these positive reviews, elements of combat, class design, and various events were mostly praised. One comment said: "The most enjoyable combat system in any ARPG I've ever played". Another said: "It's a game where your first few skills look cooler and have more substance than every skill in other isometric ARPGs combined."

Among the negative comments, the most complained is that the server is overwhelmed and players cannot access the game. One of the comments said: "No oceanic servers forcing all Australians onto a single server for stupidly high queue times to play". And another complained: "No server-to-server transfers and populated servers have 4-6 hour queue in EU servers" . I believe this is also the biggest issue that affects the overall metrics of the game.

Just before the game was released, the Founder's Pass and various player packages also had some issues. One of the most negative reviews was the Founder's Platinum pack, with users complaining about how the pack was locked to a single server, causing servers to flood with players and causing access problems. Additionally, the reviews for the Vanquisher Starter pack were mostly negative, as players could only unlock one skin in the pack, making it feel like it lists available character skins as "misleading" and "deceptive". Although the text on Amazon's Steam page on the recently updated package clarifies this, its rating has not yet been adjusted.

Overall, the majority of Steam users' negative rating content for the game was in response to server issues and miscommunication about various passes and content packages, which had an impact on the overall rating.

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