The MMORPG Lost Ark is popular, but the game is by no means without its critics. In addition to various technical issues, the game has also been criticized for its gender-specific lessons. This includes the female-exclusive Sorceress class.

Lost Ark players on Reddit recently had some fun at the expense of the witch's clothing choices. One Reddit user noticed that the "pants" of the sorceress profession became less and less as the level increased, and created an interesting image that pushes the trend to a logical conclusion.

Reddit user ZhumosTheBlue created an image showing three sets of pants sorted from lowest to highest. The first item, Blessed Earth Pants, is level 70 and resembles a pair of brown hot pants. The second piece, level 90 Brilliant Director Pants, looks like a fancy bikini bottom. Next up is the level 302 Crossing Paths Pants, a smaller bikini bottom.

Most high-level sorceresses seem to run around in "summer bikinis". While this isn't what the first review described, it still suggests that late game items may lack stylistic diversity. Other reviews have complained that Lost Ark's late-game witch gear is not only stingy but boring, and may prompt players to Buy Lost Ark Gold.

Meanwhile, one wise commenter suggested that perhaps witches' magic is powered by photosynthesis, so their clothes allow them to get as much sun as possible. Thinner clothing can make it harder to take the game seriously. And the chances of players getting Lost Ark Gold will also be reduced. Therefore, players can choose to buy Lost Ark Gold at