Chain saw is a common demolition equipment in production activities. Chain saws are mainly used for felling trees and cutting wood, so they are mostly used in logging farms and forest farms, which are relatively rare in our daily lives. Many friends may be unfamiliar with chain saws. Chain saws are hand-held saws powered by gasoline engines. They are mainly used for logging and timber production. The working principle is to cut through the transverse movement of the interlaced L-shaped blades on the saw chain. Chain saw is a kind of demolition equipment. According to the function and driving mode, it can be divided into motor chain saw, non-motor chain saw, concrete chain saw and so on. During operation, the power drives the saw chain through the transmission mechanism to make the saw chain move continuously along the guide plate. Next, I will explain the precautions for using the chain saw.

  1. The recommended fuel mixing ratio is 50:1 to 25:1 (must be mixed with high-quality air-cooled two-stroke oil), and 10% to 30% diesel oil (kerosene or light oil) should be added to the lubricating oil of the saw chain. ) Use after mixing to ensure proper concentration. The proportion should be determined according to the amount of oil sprayed by the saw chain and the degree of addition, but should be controlled within the range of 10% to 30%.
  2. The idling speed should be adjusted according to the actual situation of the machine. The idling speed range is generally: 2800~3500 rpm. Special attention should be paid to the safety of use. The idling speed of the machine should be 1.25 times less than the clutch speed of the machine ( The engine speed when the saw chain starts to run).
  3. Never work in a closed or poorly ventilated room when the chain saw, even if the chain saw has a catalytic muffler for exhaust gas, it is very likely to be poisoned in this environment; never stand when logging Tree trunk. Go up and saw. Don't saw the hanging branches from below.
  4. Only unleaded gasoline above No. 90 can be used for gasoline. When adding gasoline, the fuel tank cap and the surrounding area of ​​the fuel filler port must be cleaned before refueling to prevent debris from entering the fuel tank. The high branch saw should be placed on a flat place with the fuel tank cap facing upwards. Do not let gasoline spill out when refueling, or fill the tank too full. After refueling-be sure to tighten the fuel tank cap by hand.
  5. Engine oil can only use high-quality two-stroke engine oil to ensure the engine has a long service life. Never use ordinary four-stroke engines. When using other two-stroke engine oil, its model should reach tc grade quality. Poor quality gasoline or engine oil can damage the engine, seals, oil passages and fuel tanks.
  6. Use high-quality chain lubricating oil to keep the lubricating oil not lower than the oil level to reduce the wear of the chain and saw teeth. Since chain saw lubricating oil will be completely discharged into the environment, ordinary lubricating oil is petroleum-based, non-degradable, and will pollute the environment. It is recommended to use degradable environmentally friendly chain saw oil as much as possible. Many developed countries have rigid regulations on this. Avoid environmental pollution.

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