Players are excited to see Madden 22 continue to offer new content, even as the regular NFL year ends. These new cards feature the famous speedometer and are well worth MUT Coins Madden 22 players will spend to get them.

The Madden 22 NFL Combine set is now live and features two champions, both of which we’ll cover below. Players love the new cards and suits introduced in the game, and the Madden 22 NFL Combine pack brings some great cards, which means players can spend MUT Coins again to get the players they want.

Released to MUT 22 on February 25, 2022, the NFL combo pack features four great cards, two of which are champions. One gamer’ favorites is the 97 OVR Cam Newton. Madden 22 also brings the fastest player to the MUT when Chris Johnson makes his Ultimate Team debut tomorrow. During the NFL Combine, he ran a 4.24 40-yard dash.

Of all the NFL Combine players, 97 OVR Chris Johnson is a must. If players wish to earn these cards by completing MUT 22 challenges, they can log into Madden 22 now and buy some Madden Coins to prepare for adding new players. The first players that players will receive are NCAT 94 OVR Desean Jackson and Bud Dupree cards. Each of these cards can help their Madden Ultimate Team, especially if players need a quick wide receiver.

Players may wish to buy MUT Coins at GameMS. Since there are still a lot of cards to choose from, they may be more suitable for players in Ultimate Team.