NBA 2K22's MyTeam Season 5 is underway, and with it comes the official 1.10 update, the latest next-gen patch included in preparations for the new season. Several players received new facial scans to accurately replicate their possibilities, while former Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki now hangs his jersey in the rafters of the Mavs arena.

Several bug fixes are included in the NBA 2K22 update, including gameplay issues such as players moving around the court without a dribble, and a hilarious issue involving Jeremy Lin's zoom-in animation. Some players have also implemented new ratings ahead of the new season, and both MyCareer and MyTeam have received updates to their modes.

The latest challenge, titled Season 5: Inner Power, focuses on players who achieved legendary status in Season 4, using their newly acquired NBA 2K22 MT to achieve achievements and take on a series of challenges. Those who don't reach legendary status will have a chance to do so and catch up in the new season that starts today.

This update brings MyTeam to life, introducing more Diamond players and wrapping up two MyTeam Unlimited tournaments with cash prizes up to $25,000. With the return of dynamic scorecards, new domination levels, and animation-themed murals to work their way through, players will have plenty to play ahead of the new week. Reaching level 40 will reward players with 2K MT, the first card to earn this value for free.

Players can gain more players through the week with new alliance and premium packs, and work on picking up new units, such as their collection of diamond opals Paull Millsap. Adding him to the team will greatly improve everyone's chances of reaching level 40, where Dark Matter Ray Allen awaits them as their reward. What is needed is that a lot of players are currently choosing to buy NBA 2K22 MT online, I think you should keep an eye out, GameMS would be a good site.