Introduction and function of Hex Flange Screw Manufacturer's hexagon socket screws

The outside of the screw head is a circular concave hexagon shape. This kind of screw is called a hexagon socket screw. A special wrench is required to fix and remove this kind of screw. Generally, there are special hexagon socket wrenches for sale in hardware stores. , the biggest role of the screw is to play a fixed effect, and the hexagon socket screw is mainly used for mechanical fixation. It cooperates with the Allen wrench, because the Allen wrench is 90°, which is more labor-saving to disassemble.

Use of socket head cap screws

In addition to the wide use of socket head cap screws in the machinery manufacturing industry, small hardware components and electrical products have their shadows, and many furniture today are also fixed with socket head cap screws. These are closely related to its function, and it has been well received by people in the industry because of the fixing effect of the socket head cap screws.

Manufacturing requirements for socket head cap screws

First: According to the different ways of use of customers, high-quality raw materials should be used for manufacturing, including the later electroplating, which needs to be clearly classified.

Second: Manufacturers of hexagon socket screws must ensure the size and specifications of the screws so that they can meet customer requirements in different areas.

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