JavaScript is the programming language you need to be proficient at by 2022. Brendan Eich created it in 1995, and ever since, JavaScript has become a powerful programming tool, particularly in the web development community for a Javascript developer.


With this powerful language, almost anything is possible. JavaScript developers remain in high demand for back-end, front-end, game, mobile, and AI development. All you need is the right skills. Here you'll explore five Javascript skills that developers will need in 2022. Let's begin.

5 Essential Skills to Learn as a Javascript Developer

The below-listed skills are very much desired and are likely to remain so. These skills will help you stand out as a developer.

1: ReactJS

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library that allows doing amazing things using JavaScript quickly. It's a Facebook-developed library used by large tech companies such as Paypal, Reddit, Tesla, and others. 


ReactJS developers have high demand these days. Virtual DOM, which is also part of React, allows you to modify the DOM quickly. This is why it is one of the most important skills you will need as a Javascript developer in 2022.

2: Git

The second skill is Git. This is a version control system. It keeps track of all changes in the code, and if you make errors, it allows going back to the original version of your code. It is a useful skill and must-have for developers.

3: NodeJS

NodeJS is another useful skill on our list. It is a runtime tool that helps in doing Back-End via JavaScript. Many companies still use NodeJs for Back-End, which is why it is quite valuable for JavaScript developers.

4: TypeScript

TypeScript is another skill you should acquire. You can use it to create React code that is more statically typed. It also allows you to declare data types as needed. The best thing about this is how your code is much more robust, reliable, and readable. This skill is what most companies look for in a Javascript developer.

5: RestAPI

IBM defines the "REST API" as a dynamic web service based on REST architecture to respond to requests from front-end web services. It would be best if you learned APIs for web development in general. Almost all applications require APIs you create or try to build. It is also important to understand how to build RestAPI.

Final Words

As a Javascript developer, these skills are extremely valuable and necessary. Many companies are now looking for JavaScript developers who have these skills. Furthermore, this will allow you to build a huge web application and increase your worth.