Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22 and the most recent group includes the Super Bowl Past set. We do have Madden nfl 22 coins a few questions surrounding these new cards.

One of our most glaring questions is about the teams they didn't include as part of their Super Bowl Past set. It's mostly about the most successful NFL Super Bowl teams. Let's go over the players and teams we'd have liked to have as part of the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past promotion.

MUT 22 Super Bowl Past missing teams

To keep the game fair, Madden 22 did include several team names in the MUT 22 Super Bowl Past promotion. Still, there are a handful of teams we'd wanted to see.

Just thinking about the available players that could've been turned into MUT 22 cards gets us enthusiastic. Consider a 97-oVR Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers 2011 Super Bowl.

There was not a single player on any of these historic teams received the Madden 22 Super Bowl Past player card. We're sure there's a many players on those teams that played in the Super Bowl eras that we would've loved to see.

As we mentioned earlier, we would've liked an LTD Aaron Rodgers card, but even the Troy Aikman MUT 22 card would've been great. The Cowboys boasted legendary wide receiver Michael Irvin as well that could've made a fantastic receiver to go alongside Larry Fitzgerald.

Imagine a Madden 22 Jack Lambert linebacker card from his time as the top linebacker in his time. The hard-hitting linebacker took home the Rookie of the Year award and was the centerpiece of the Steelers defense, which won Super Bowl IX over the Minnesota Vikings.

EA Sports marks the retirement of NFL legend Tom Brady by raising the cover star rating in Madden NFL 22 to the maximum level possible in the game 99. This marks the second time in the NFL season that Brady has an OVR of 99. Previously, he was initially boosted to 99. In October, Brady set the record for the all-time career record for highest score.

Brady was first introduced to the NFL in 2001, with an OVR of 57, and his rating has improved over the years due to his performance on the field mostly playing for his team the New England Patriots and eventually the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady has also achieved the OVR of 99 in Madden 09, Madden 12, Madden 18, Madden 19 as well as Madden 22.

The final year of Brady's playing while with the Buccaneers was one of the best of his passing statistics. Brady led buy mut coins madden 22 all of the NFL for touchdown passes (43) in addition to total passing yards (5,316).