During the time that MMO New World starts to go live, as Amazon continues to open new servers, the queuing problem will no longer be the main problem at present, and next week, Amazon will release the server transfer function, but a new Different functions may bring some new problems.

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The root cause of these server problems is that each server in New World will have a completely inflexible server cap. The same server could only hold 2,000 players at a time, and those who exceeded that number would be sent to a queue, where they would only be able to enter the game while waiting for New World Coins other players to go offline. Therefore, Amazon has introduced a new feature to solve this problem. This feature prevents any new roles from being made on "full server". Such server names will be grayed out and players will be asked to choose another server when trying to craft a character there.

However, it is not entirely clear what triggers the server to go into a locked state. Even though there are many servers with less than 2000 players and no queues, it is still impossible to create new characters on them.

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Although the announcement of the new feature has been released, Amazon did not explain the reason for the decision. Most likely the reason for this is to avoid exacerbating the queuing problem. If the server is shut down for the new role, the queue will not exceed the existing roles on the server. However, in the existing New World server, new players cannot join friends.

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