Backyard Ballers released to Madden 22 on March 3, 2022. The latest Madden 22 sale is Backyard Ballers, which includes a variety of Out of Position players. Players can get more Madden 22 Coins to get them to expand their team.

There are obviously hands like Ricky Williams that stand out from the rest. However, he’s not the only backyard player players should target. Players will want to spend Cheap MUT Coins to bring a few cards to their Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Backyard Ballers LTD Ricky Williams is one of them. He’s quick at 96 and works perfectly as a slot wide receiver.

There’s also the Jimmy Graham SS Champion, which will give you a strong 6-foot-7 safety to dominate the center of the field. If he covers wide receivers, any jump ball will inevitably end up in his hands. The 94 OVR Joe Mixon QB card provides players with a fast quarterback with solid power and accuracy. It’s a fun card, but players love it and will spend Madden 22 Coins For Sale to get it.

Another of our personal favorites is ROLB Sean Taylor, with an overall rating of 93 OVR. You can pair Taylor with MLB’s 95 OVR Tyreek Hill to give you a strong linebacker team. Players will need to buy some extra Madden 22 Coins at GameMS if they want to get them all. The prices offered by this platform are very cheap and the service is top-notch. Players can also get game news and game guides in it.