We needed to change our date four times and our venue because of the pandemic. We eventually got married on July 3rd, 2021 - the very best day of our way of life! We got married in the amazing Tullyglass house hotel in Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

We met within our hometown of Pomeroy County Tyrone, long ago in 2008. I was 15, Brian was 17. It was raining and I remember he stopped and inquired if I wanted his Hoodie. I knew his brother before this so when I saw Brian I knew who he was from only then do we were the very best of friends for nearly 4 years. Skip on 4 years, Brian plucked in the courage to inquire about me out, 1 pizza along with a cinema date later I was ‘official’ on June 9th, 2012. Then on 25th December 2017, I got the very best present underneath the tree. A little blue Tiffany bag, which I thought would be a necklace. Safe to express my heart skipped a beat when I saw the stunning diamond engagement ring. I was so busy crying, jumping, and shouting with excitement I forgot to express yes but I think both of us knew the solution! It was certainly a Christmas I will not forget. We are not people to have an extravagant engagement and think it’s so nice and special so that it is intimate. Between Brian and I, it had been the perfect engagement. We love the privacy to achieve the memories of this day between ourselves.

I knew I always wanted simple, timeless, and chic. Therefore you could say I had a style in mind. It was all low but I come with an eye for detail which helped me use the finer information on a special day.

We knew we wanted a church wedding, and that we knew it had been always going to become at home. We aren’t ones for destination weddings, we simply wanted a conventional wedding that our family members could attend. The church we've got married in was where I was christened, which meant a great deal to me to become able to walk in the aisle within an intimate ceremony with friends and family.

I visited 2 dress shops, I opted for all my wedding party to one shop then only myself and my mother towards the one where I found my dream gown. As soon as I saw the bridal gowns hanging up, I was obsessed! I tried it on first then tried on gowns after but even my bridal consultant knew how happy I looked during my dress that was the FeelTimes gown. My parents bought me my gown at the time I found it which so happened to become my birthday.

Honestly, it had been the elegance of it. The way it sat on me and just how the little detail managed to get so attractive. The feel of the fabric alone along with using the neckline and mid-back did feel beautiful inside it. Which is not something I often feel!

The actual big day went as smoothly as it may. It was amazing and everyone agreed. Due to people not receiving out in such a long time than attending a marriage. Everyone had a complete blast!

Seeing Brian at the top of the aisle, he even shed a tear which got me going. It helped me realize how lucky I was and just how lucky I was to be in a position to have our trip to long last. That and the fact I was able to share each day with those we'd not seen in such a long time due to covid restrictions. To see people laugh enjoy yourself was unbelievable.

Both people were so pleased with every aspect of your day, I was nervous about changing venues in the south of Ireland towards the north, but we took the danger and it was the very best decision we made. The hotel was amazing, plus they went far above for us. Nothing would be a problem, the proprietor Gus is perfect for the job, he went of his way for all of us. Therefore, the modification of the venue ended up better than we're able to have even imagined our first venue could achieve.

I am a nurse and Brian is a company director and during covid, we'd not much spare time to plan everything. During this time I graduated, started as a neonatal intensive care nurse, changed our wedding four times moved house, and started our very own self-build. Through everything Brian was there for me, also it made us stronger.

My main strategies for other brides-to-be is always to limit the number of people you are taking with you wedding gown shopping, grab your hands on every chance to do something wedding related, may it go for a cocktail to speak about themes together with your bridesmaids to take each day out searching for anything for the large day! It goes by so quickly and fundamental essential thing you will miss. I would also say, relax. I was not nervous or uptight whatsoever, I found it overwhelming at one stage of your day so we took ourselves to a room to simply sit down and breathe for 5 minutes. We decided to travel separately from the wedding party and I found this the only real time we got to become by ourselves and discuss the ceremony. We enjoyed reading this part.

Our photographer was the astonishing Hannah Mckernan she was the very best. Every spot of light she saw I was there and that we cannot wait to determine the final images. Her jobs are incredible, she's such a natural undertake photography which is the primary reason we chose her.

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