A press release issued by Virtue Labs (the creators of Virtue®, the multi-award-winning biotech mink hair wholesale   care brand) today announced the launch of their new Flourish® product line, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. For all women who suffer from hair loss, the Flourish® product line, according to the company, is specifically formulated to target female hair loss while also providing thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.




Despite the fact that women account for half of all hair loss sufferers over the course of their lives, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of all frontal lace wig manufacturer loss sufferers begin experiencing it before the age of 40.

In the United States, it is estimated that approximately 30 million women are affected by some degree of wholesale hair loss, with the number of women affected growing larger each year, according to statistics. With the development of this new line, Virtue took a holistic approach, focusing on both scalp fertility and 613 body wave lace wig fiber survival, which is now more important than ever before. Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL®, a revolutionary keratin protein complex developed by Virtue, has been shown to increase hair fiber survival by as much as 50% when used in conjunction with other hair care products.

It is important to begin work on the scalp because the scalp is the starting point for hair growth and because the scalp is where hair growth begins. Virtue Flourish begins its work by nourishing the scalp. Hair growth can be stimulated by using product formulations that nourish the microbiome, clear follicles, and reinforce moisture barriers. If you want your new the best wholesale virgin hair vendors to survive, it needs to be nurtured and cared for right away when it first starts to grow. New, fragile hair must be fed by the Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL if it is to survive. The Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL helps to strengthen and thicken each new fiber as it emerges, increasing the strength and thickness of each new fiber.

Virtue Flourish with Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL, according to independent clinical testing, increased the thickness of individual hair strands by 22% and decreased hair breakage by 26% after only five uses of the product. The increased chance of new hairs surviving the growing process was a result of the increase in survival rates for existing hairs.

In the case of Virtue, which was founded in the field of regenerative medicine, the company has always followed the path that technology has led us down, and this is certainly true with Flourish, according to the company's president and chief executive officer.

A great deal of positive feedback from customers who claimed that their hair was growing faster as a result of using our first Virtue buying hair in bulk care line or that they believed they could see new growth as a result of using it has been received so far. According to Melisse Shaban, Founder and CEO of Virtue Labs, based on the responses received, the company embarked on a three-year journey of discovery to see what our technology could accomplish when combined with other ingredients that were specifically designed to address this critical problem. Given the fact that Indian virgin hair extensions loss is a silent epidemic that has gone unnoticed for far too long, women have been left with no choice but to deal with the problem on their own. Furthermore, we hope that this launch will encourage open discussion about this important topic, and as a result, the stigma associated with female hair wholesaler loss will be eliminated as a result of the launch.

In accordance with the company, the Flourish line is comprised of six products that can be purchased individually or as a part of one of two three-step regimens, which are described in greater detail below. The Flourish Nightly Intensive Hair Growth Treatment Regimen ($134) makes use of Minoxidil to help women who are experiencing moderate to severe honest hair factory reviews thinning regain their hair growth and thicken their hair. Women who are experiencing moderate to severe straight hair lace front wigs thinning can benefit from this treatment. Women who are experiencing moderate to severe hair thinning may find this treatment to be of benefit to them. When it comes to women's  virgin hair lace closure weaves  growth, minoxidil is the only single ingredient that has been approved by the FDA to help stimulate new hair growth. In addition to being a 100% drug-free alternative, the Flourish Nightly Intensive Hair Rejuvenation Treatment Regimen ($134), which includes Virtue's new Density Booster, is intended for people who have mild to moderate hair loss or who prefer a more natural approach to hair restoration, such as those who have graying hair. Some of the artists who will be performing at Flourish include the following:

The shampoo promotes healthy hair growth by creating an environment that is conducive to it. It does this by using a gentle, stimulating formula that gently removes build-up from the scalp while also cleansing the hair shaft and clearing debris from follicle openings.

People with thinning hair will benefit from Flora Flourish Conditioner for Thinning Hair ($44), which is a lightweight conditioner that acts as a hair strengthener, hydrator, and detangler all in one product for them. Due to the lightweight formulation of this product, which has been specially formulated to nourish and thicken each individual  strand without weighing it down, it is ideal for fine, fragile hair that is prone to breakage.

Flourish Density Booster ($48): This product increases the density of flowering plants in a garden, which is beneficial to both the environment and the gardener. It's available in two different sizes. After applying Density Booster as directed, it will work overnight to re-energize and nourish fatigued follicles as well as to nurture newly emerged and delicate hairs, allowing them to grow and thrive. For some people, a more natural approach to problem-solving is preferable in order to achieve their objectives.

Fringe Flourish Volumizing Styler ($42): This all-in-one styling product for fine, fragile hair adds immediate volume, bounce, and hold, as well as the appearance of density even in the thinnest areas of the hair shaft, making it an excellent choice for people with fine or fragile hair. Due to the fact that it is both aesthetically pleasing and lightweight, this formula is ideal for fine and fragile hair.

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Minoxidil 5% as the only single ingredient that can aid in the regrowth of female hair, according to the FDA. It is the only product that contains Minoxidil, which is Women's Minoxidil 5% ($28). The service is used by a large number of people all around the world. A nightly application that is activated while you sleep stimulates the reactivation of hair vendors near me follicles and the stimulation of new hair growth as a result of the stimulation of existing hair growth.

Virtue developed this specially designed brush for fragile best virgin hair vendors in collaboration with Manta, a company based in the United Kingdom, as part of a collaborative effort. When styling your hair with the Manta brush, which bends and molds to the shape of your hand and scalp as you use it, it is much easier to apply less tension to each individual strand of hair. Moreover, because of their flexibility, the bristles glide smoothly through your hair, reducing breakage and restoring your hair's youthful, silky sheen to its natural state.