Pain down there hurting your vagina and pelvis is no picnic, instead it is a sense of discomfort making you wonder why is it causing and what you should do about it. When you feel the itch, irritation, or pain a lot you should not ignore it. The pain can occur from the labia, vulva, or the whole vagina for which you need to understand them first. 


Obstetrics and Gynaecology Doctor in Dubai Dr. Elsa, says some of the vulvar problems are contagious whereas the others are not. Around all a large number of women suffer from itching resulting in a color change of the skin and its texture.  


Rundown of the most common vulvar conditions affecting women: 


  • Candida: Known as yeast infection, Candida is a fungal infection that causes swelling, redness in the vulvar, and itching, burning in the vagina. The infection is caused due to moisture and poor hygiene and can be passed sexually.  


Treatment: Creams and oral prescription of medicines can help you treat fungal infections.

  • Lichen sclerosis: An uncommon skin condition appearing in women in the post-menopausal period. It causes shiny and smooth spots on the vulva including itching, discomfort, pain, bleeding, even blisters, etc. 


Treatment: Prescription of some strong cortisone creams and skin ointments can be used to alleviate itching and prevent patches. 


  • Bartholin cyst: Development of cysts when the Bartholin glands become blocked it results in infection with pain and pus-filled. A woman notices the pain in sitting, walking, or having sex. 


Treatment: Treatment of Bartholin cysts depends on the symptoms but the options of treatment include: Sitz bath, pain medication, antibiotics, surgical draining, etc.

  • Vulvodynia: The development of vulvodynia is said to happen when the pain in the valvar does not stop for at least three months. The condition includes painful intercourse, a sense of rawness, throbbing, burns, itching, etc. 

Treatment: There is no exact treatment for it but women suffering from it can try combinations of things for positive results. The major treatment options are surgery, therapy, and medical.


  • Herpes: The condition of genital herpes is the most common type of sexually transmitted disease caused by the Herpes simplex virus. The symptoms included are painful ulcers appearing on the vulva, cervix, and vagina. 

Treatment: Under the treatment option there are several methods you can select to treat Hermes like home treatment and medications but in reality, no drug is compatible to treat the herpes virus thoroughly. A few antiviral medicines like acyclovir and others can only prevent the virus from increasing. 


Take tips to care for your Vulva 


The skin of the vulva is considered very sensitive as one needs to take extreme care of it by avoiding irritants that tend to increase the symptoms. Avoid using soaps, switch to moisturisers and aqueous creams, avoid using colored toilet paper, and adapt the habit of wearing cotton seamless panties. 


It is advised to not ignore the signs of vulvar conditions and refer to a doctor as soon as you find one. People residing in the area of Dubai can visit Female Clinics in Dubai.