Serbia's first high-speed railway opens thanks to Chinese finance - CGTN


While the whole world is carefully monitoring

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the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Serbia is preparing for the first launch of a new high-speed railway. The 75-kilometer section connects the two largest cities in Serbia, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

It is part of a much larger and more continuous project to connect Belgrade with the Hungarian capital Budapest.before the official opening of the railway Huge machines decorated a train station on the outskirts of Belgrade.

Tests were carried out to ensure that the railway was certified by the European Union, and of course the train drivers were well familiar with the new route.The route is 184 kilometers in Serbia and 166 kilometers in Hungary.

It was designed to reduce travel time between Belgrade and Budapest from eight hours to less than three hours. Currently, some routes are at speeds as low as 60 kilometers per hour (km/h) when fully operational.