If you explore the Internet, you will come across guidance on how to write an academic paper. But, students still ask, “Who can make my assignment for me?” This is because you will hardly find any article on evading mistakes in essays, thesis or case studies.

In this blog, you will get to know some of the most frequent mistakes committed by the students. These include:

1. Grammatical Error

The most common error made in English assignments is grammatical errors. If you are using a singular noun (he, she or it) to introduce something, make sure you can use the proper noun. Use the right verbs; make sure you use the correct verb in terms of number of people. You should also check for sentence construction errors.

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2. Lack of Information

Students often do not consider the teachers' directions and do not write an authentic assignment. Thus, you must read the instruction well and write an informative assignment using the required details, with a supportive example. All you have to do is visit various blog posts, websites, repositories of educational service providers, university libraries, reading newspapers, magazines.

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3. Poor Structuring

Each academic task must be written according to a particular framework that provides an amazing view of your task. Basically, an assignment should have an introduction, the body and the conclusion. Any portion of the task should be written concisely and informatively. Moreover, you should cover the important angles under different subheadings in the body. And you should present the critical points in bullet points.

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4. Incorrect Referencing

For any scholarly article, citing the bibliography is very critical. Strict variations exist between the citation types of APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard. And this is where the students commit mistakes as they are unable to differentiate the subtle differences. If you are struggling to cite the sources, you should take the help of online citation machines. Most of the tools offer free and instant results, and you will get guidance on the required citation style.

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