Making a weekly trip to a supermarket or warehouse club might not be something you enjoy, especially if you're pressed for time and stores are crowded. The consolidation of food retailing to a few megastores has taken away a lot of the uniqueness. But you can go against the trend by adding a specialty grocer like an Asian market to your shopping trip occasionally. They're generally independent retailers attuned to their customers and offer one-of-a-kind product assortments. Your home cooking will be more exciting when you have new ingredients to add. Shopping at a new market will inspire you.


Specialty grocers are known for items you don't find at chain stores. It's why their customers are loyal and return month after month to buy their favorite things. You'll notice a difference as well. Mass-produced packaged groceries tend to be the least fresh and flavorful. When you shop local food stores, you'll have a better chance of finding things produced in smaller batches with fewer preservatives. It all adds up to better taste and more enjoyable eating. For example, have you ever tried premium rice? It's a delicious alternative to mass-produced commodity rice that is the most common in supermarkets.


Today, home cooks join chefs in experimenting with fusion foods – recipes from two or more culinary traditions combined to make something new. It's when your trip to an Asian market can pay off even more. Have you ever tried Korean mustard paste? See what you think of it on an American hot dog or other places you'd enjoy the taste of mustard. Korean barbecue sauces and marinades are other items to try. Find new ways to satisfy the BBQ lovers in your world with a bold and spicy sauce that's an alternative to the barbecue flavor you've been using. You'll find many new things to try and enjoy.


The other way to add specialty grocery shopping to your life is to do it online. There's no quicker way to stock your pantry than by shopping virtually. You'll be impressed by the convenience, and who doesn't love home delivery? If it's been a while since you visited an online grocer, much has improved. Since the coronavirus pandemic caused a spike in online orders, grocers of all kinds have responded by substantially improving their web stores. The improvements mean you can place an order in fewer clicks than you ever imagined possible. Search for your favorite items and sort them for greater convenience