Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical method for improving the shape as well as the appearance of the abdomen part of the part. The process of cosmetic surgery does tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi.This method, along with liposuction, helps to reshape the abdomen part of the body. This procedure is done by removing excessive fat and skin from the abdomen area.Connective tissue in the abdomen area is tightened with the help of sutures.

Before choosing this method, it is very important to gather all information related to this process. Tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi should not be used as an alternate to weight loss.

Need for a tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

There are many reasons for the occurrence of excessive fat and weakened connective tissue in connective tissue in the abdomen area. It can be either due to weight change, lifestyle, hormonal changes, pregnancy, surgery such as C-section, ageing or heredity.

Tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi is helpful in removing loose, excessive skin and fat, resulting in improvement of the shape of the abdomen. It also helps in the tightening of weak connective tissues present in the abdominal area. Women having stretched muscles and skin post-pregnancy can find this process useful for tightening the muscles and reducing the skin. This method is very helpful for people who were obese at the particular phase of their life but underwent significant weight loss and still have fat deposits or loose skin in the abdominal area.

Tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi should not be confused with liposuction. Liposuction is the process of removing fat deposits through cosmetic surgery. Liposuction can be a part of the tummy tuck procedure.

Who can undergo a tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi?

Both men and women can undergo this process. All you need to be is healthy and maintain a constant weight. Your heart, lungs and kidneys need to be in good condition so as to tolerate the anaesthesia required for conducting this procedure.

Who cannot undergo a tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi?

Doctors do not suggest tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi for everyone. Your doctor may suggest you to avoid it if you:

  • Plan to lose weight in future
  • Plan for pregnancy in future
  • Suffer from chronic ailments such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Have smoking habit
  • Already had an abdominal surgery resulting in tissue scar
  • Have body index above 30

Risk factors associated with tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

  • Accumulation of fluid can take place under the skin. Doctors take the help of a drainage tube to reduce the risk of fluid accumulation. Sometimes, they use a needle and syringe for the removal of fluid post-surgery.
  • Poor wound healing is another risk associated with the tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi. It occurs due to the poor healing of the incision line. To avoid this condition, doctors give antibiotics at the time surgery and after the surgery.
  • Scarring can also occur in this method. Incision scar occurs permanently in this method, but doctors place it along the hidden bikini line. Its length and visibility vary in different individuals.
  • Damage to tissue can also occur during this method. It happens when deep fatty tissue lying under the skin of the abdominal area gets damaged or die. Smoke can be one of the reasons for tissue damage.
  • Variation in skin sensation can also take place at the time of tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi. It happens due to the repositioning of abdominal tissues, which may affect the nerves of the abdominal area. You might feel the reduced sensation. This factor usually reduces after some months of the procedure.

Preparation for tummy tuck:

You should consult a plastic surgeon before deciding on a tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi. During your visit, your surgeon will review your medical history related to prior medication or surgeries or allergy to any medicine, do a physical examination, discuss your expectations from this method. If you are fit for surgery, he may ask you for medical testing.

He may ask you to have a balanced and complete meal which will be helpful at the time of recovery. He may instruct you to avoid smoking, stop certain medications, maintain a constant weight, arrange for a helping hand at the time of recovery before tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi.



Process of tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

During this process horizontal incision is made from one corner of the hip to the other corner between the belly button and the pubic hairline. After this, the skin is lifted, and vertical muscles of the abdomen for tightened together. After this, the excess skin is removed by pulling the upper abdominal skin. After the stitching of skin together, a new opening for the belly button is created, and the latter is stitched into the position. This process might take from 1 to 5 hours approximately.

The healing period of tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

The healing period depends on the extent of the procedure. You must follow all the instructions of your doctor carefully. The healing time period for tummy tuck ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. Because of muscle tightening, this time period can be uncomfortable. You should be positive, have a balanced diet, stay hydrated and start walking within a week. You may require at least one month after the procedure for complete recovery.

Exercises to be done after tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

After a tummy tuck, you must follow the advice of your surgeon carefully. You should consult a physiotherapist for suitable exercise after tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi. One should start with gentle walking and build up this gradually. Exercise should be done slowly if you feel any stretch or pulls on the scar of the abdominal region. You should avoid participation in sports for at least 6 to 12 weeks post-surgery. Exercise like knee rolls or pelvic tilts can be helpful for strengthening abdominal muscles.

Cost of surgery of tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi:

The cost of a tummy tuck in Abu Dhabi is quite affordable. You have the option to pay for the complete procedure either in a single payment, or you can also opt for a loan.