Punika is an island in Lost Ark filled with absurdly beautiful characters, guardians, one of the most annoying live bosses, and lots of story quests. Also, it's one of the only places in the game where you can avoid bots spamming the area chat. Players who want to know when they will be able to beat the level can continue reading this guide, or visit MMOWTS.

Punika offers over 32 missions in total, but these are the ones needed to "beat" the area and unlock the Chaos Dungeon for Tier 3 gear. Players who want to get a concrete idea of ​​how close they are in the story just need to find the name of the Lost Ark Gold quest they're currently working on, and then find its place on the list to get a decent idea.

Players may wonder how many of these missions involve instanced areas or dungeons they will have to pass through. Compared to a place like Rohandel, the number can be as small as two or as large as five. Fortunately, players only have two dungeons to run in Punika, Naruna Hot Springs and Oreha's Well. Also, both dungeons are short, especially when compared to the dungeons of Acetin.

Naruna Hot Springs is an area that is actually very good for growing Providence Stone, as the Dread Captives scattered throughout the dungeon have a chance to drop a Mystery Box containing Providence Stone. This dungeon is almost a straight shot that ends with a fight with Seto, one of the most visually hilarious boss fights in the game. How To Get Lost Ark Gold Quickly? MMOWTS offers the fastest delivery.

Oreha's Well is a bit tedious, as players battle multiple bosses here and have to interact or destroy some objects. But for the most part, it's just as simple and ends with a fight against the mad Albion. If the player is sending "Gs" in every conversation, traveling between quest points as efficiently as possible, and ignoring side quests, Punika can be done in an hour and a half to two hours.

Since Punika's side quests don't take much time and don't require additional emotes/songs to complete, it won't take players more than half an hour to complete it. So if players are committed to Punika's story from anywhere, they'll probably take an hour and a half to two and a half hours to finish it. If players want the process to be easier, they can also buy Lost Ark Gold from  MMOWTS to their advantage. The prices of the products offered by MMOWTS are much lower than the market price, it is worth choosing!

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