Reclaimed aims to be a custom furniture shop with a place in history

Painted on the wall inside the Reclaimed custom furniture shop in Centralia is a quote from the late actress Audrey Hepburn:“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”To get more news about customized furniture, you can visit official website.

That quote mirrors the mission behind this custom furniture shop founded in 2014 by Brad and Callie Page. Each item they sell is made with repurposed materials taken from old barns, homesteads and other buildings that would otherwise have been torn down.

The items, from cutting boards to coffee tables, are handcrafted by Brad Page and can be purchased either at the store or on the Reclaimed website.
Since every item is custom-made, each one has a story behind it. For example, one customer brought in a set of doors from his grandfather’s house, which were then made into a table and bench. Page also created a mantle for a fireplace built by the husband of a regular customer..

Page has had a passion for woodworking since growing up on his parents’ farm. He recalls finding spare wood in the barn and building a table.“That just kind of was a spark,” he said. “Making stuff from old material, making it into something new.”

He spent the following years perfecting his craft before deciding to leave a longtime job as a high school math teacher and open Reclaimed.Callie Page, who manages the business’s social media presence, has a background in counseling and a deep interest in human psychology.

“You’d think that the two don’t mix at all,” she said. “But our brand stands for taking things that maybe other people thought were useless ... and creating something new that people love.”

Reclaimed is an unusual business for a number of reasons. It operates out of an old church, a venue the Pages say best represents the sense of community they are trying to foster.The shop itself is open only on the second Saturday of each month from May to November. When the store is open, the Pages try to make it as much of an event as possible.

“Second Saturdays” at Reclaimed generally feature live music, games, food and kiosks from various local vendors. The most recent Second Saturday, which took place on the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, was a salute to the nation.

In addition to the usual festivities, there was a “patriarch ceremony” featuring live performances of the national anthem and Taps, as well as a presentation from the Boy Scouts. Other activities included a washers toss tournament, a dunk tank and line dancing.

Frequent customer Christina Stevens said she tries to bring her family to Second Saturdays each month. The events have introduced her to several local businesses that she said she otherwise would never have discovered.“(Brad and Callie) make it a family-friendly place to hang out and a place that welcomes people into our community,” said marketing director Brittney Harper. She hopes the business will turn Centralia into a popular destination for family entertainment.

“The idea behind the brand ... and all the stuff we make is that there is no one and nothing that is completely useless,” Callie Page said.