Fildena Ct 100 may be a tender pill that's used for treating male erecticle dysfunction among men. The advised pill will be useful in each conceivable thanks to address this vital downside, which can be caused thanks to stress and strain of regular life. this text can tell you ways you'll be able to consume the medication and therefore the precautions one should take. This, referred to as the “magic elixir,” will facilitate men worldwide stand and last longer. Sexual disfunction, higher called male erecticle dysfunction, may be a typical downside seen by men worldwide: pills to accomplish sexual behaviour, battle, and big erections. Fildena Ct 100 belongs to the Generic medication therapeutic medication family. This medication is developed and marketed by Puncheon, that is Associate in Nursing Indian-based pharmacy company. Fildena Ct 100 pill contains 100mg virility drug turn. virility medicine may be an influential component that improves erections naturally. It helps in boosting drive among men battling softer erections. This ED pill encompasses a distinctive consumption kind. simply chew one pill before sex and drink a glass of water. You’re all sorted to excite your partner with sensational moves.



Take the Fildena Ct 100 pill forty minutes before you select your performance on the bed. one pill ought to be enclosed with a glass of water. The drug shouldn't be chewed or bitten however eaten up as a full. The drug shouldn't be enclosed with any alcoholic or acidic beverages. this might initiate reactions within the body.



Fildena Ct 100 is from the Fildena family and works constant means as its alternative siblings. Like alternative medicine of the family, it relaxes the muscles of the phallus and will rise the blood flow through the strains, that causes satisfactory erection throughout sex. this is often conjointly used for treating folks stricken by ED. because it comprises a PDE-5 matter that helps take away and blockage within the veins. Also, it raises gas, sanction active the veins to draw the assorted bloodstreams into the phallus step by step, once the phallus is loaded with enough blood, it helps it retain erect and firm for extended throughout sex. it's a secure and trustworthy medication which will be taken for treating ED conditions in men. However, solely precaution one ought to take is to consult a licenced health care provider and only take those as suggested.



Fildena Ct 100 is inspired to be bitten collectively pill each twenty-four hours. Your medical care doctor can advise whether or not or not you wish to require it on a daily basis. If you wish to use Fildena day in and outing, certify you keep awake to the admission dates in order that its viability remains in your body.

The pill is bitter, So, either have it before or once food, which is able to be equally sturdy. trim on liquor in 2 cups solely to air the safer facet and avoid dangerous effects that may create one thing else happen.

Missed dose:

Accept the missing half after you keep in mind. Avoid missing parts just in case of an almost good probability of the subsequent reserved quantity, don’t double your portion to cover the missing quantity.


Seek clinical treatment for crises or contact a practicing or medical practitioner within the event of Associate in Nursing excess.



  • Chest pain or back pain
  • Headache
  • Disease
  • Diarrhea or organic process malady
  • Sleep disorder
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Hearing loss
  • Redness, redness, swelling, or redness



Make sure you’re taking Fildena Ct 100 tablets on prescription if you’re stricken by any severe health problems. Medical conditions like urinary organ and liver diseases, heart issues, glaucoma, diabetes, etc., square measure thought-about crucial. Such patients may not be prescribed this impotence medication. you must take Fildena as prescribed and avoid medicines incompatible with this ED pill. Also, if it's necessary to require current medicines, then you must keep a minimum of a 2-hour gap. Notice if you’re obtaining any aversions once mistreatment this impotence medication. If you see any negative effects, then you will stop mistreatment Fildena CT 100 Review till consulting the doctor. you must not drive or use any serious tools for a minimum of seven hours once overwhelming your Fildena Ct 100 dose. Don’t worry if you get any common facet effects as a result of they’ll get away as shortly as your body adjusts to the medication. Avoid overwhelming Fildena Ct 100 pills if you’re already taking the other impotence medication. Don’t stop mistreatment Fildena suddenly. Consult your doctor and raise them the way to discontinue this ED pill safely to avoid withdrawal effects.



Store the Fildena Ct 100 at temperature during a boring, clean, and dry spot. take care that the tablets don't seem to be injured whereas shopping for. Store during a dark, clean, dry place at temperature. once getting, check these tablets for injury.