The fabric of pajamas and bedding plays an important role in the quality of our sleep at night. We want to be cool enough so that our bodies can sleep, but warm enough to still be comfortable. Sleep in lightweight, loose-fitting, breathable fabrics for the most comfortable night's sleep. Some common bed sheet types are nothing more than natural fibers, cotton, wool, silk, linen, natural fibers, and more. But you should also know that the thread count and fabric weave of the comforter fabric can also affect the fabric's breathability, insulation, and softness, so it's also important to keep them in mind. The bed cover fabric texture and weight of sheets can affect how crisp, soft, warm, or cool they are.

     Percale weave, probably the most common type of weave in bedsheets, is a plain weave that tends to be crisp and strong (but still soft) and feels cool on the skin. This braid type is perfect for warm sleepers or hot summer nights.

     Satin Fabric Made with a satin weave construction that makes one side of the fabric shiny, soft, and smooth (the other side is matte). This type of weave will give you a smooth, luxurious satin finish. Because satin is softer and less brittle than percale, it is also more wrinkle-resistant.

     Knitted fabrics are knitted rather than woven, giving a soft and slightly stretchy feel. Think of the cozy soft texture of an old cotton tee: that's what a jersey sheet feels like. They are comfortable, casual, and easy to care for.

     Flannel is a plain weave pattern, usually made from natural fibers such as wool and cotton, that have been physically treated for softness and comfort and a heavier feel. Flannel fibers are either bristled to create a pile, or the yarn is loosely spun into a soft texture. The weight and pile of flannel tend to provide more insulation, keeping you warm at night. This fabric is perfect for cold nights, or if you like to snuggle up in your sheets for extra comfort.

     Microfibers are typically fine, plain weave fabrics made from synthetic or cellulose-based (rayon) yarns. It's usually tightly woven, so it's not particularly breathable, but it's very soft and wrinkle-resistant. Because it is usually made of synthetic material, it is hypoallergenic.

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