The mid-week set of NBA 2K22 MT cards provides more content than earlier season and features competition cards, such as Donovan Mitchell Opal, giving the cards immediate appeal. A new series arrived in the second weekend of the season, called Beast with tigers as the background. It was an opportunity for 2K to unleash the heavy artillery and three sought-after Opals: Giannis who is still a beast on the field.

Anthony Davis who has a high popularity rating as well as Ja Morant, a real moment in the NBA season. An exciting prospect for MyTeam players. However, the lesser-rated Beast cards were far from to be ignored: LaMelo Ball 95 is considered as of this writing, as the top point guard on the field.

Andrei Kirilenko 95 as the most effective defensive player, Porzingis 95 as an excellent low-cost pivot alternative in addition to diamond cards like Darius Miles and Bob Sura which are monstrous in comparison to their cost. This Beast series therefore has entered the MyTeam saloon by sending the front door crashing with powerful kicks.

Michael Jordan and Chris Paul came in Opal cards, without being striking. However, on that same weekend, Lamar Odom or Jeremy Lin Diamant Rose were viewed as viable alternatives to your squad. There's no denying it, the developers are generous with 2K MT regards to reward card rewards, however there are a few that are competitive.