Canon Printers are surely an amazing and enhancing printers which has great printing quality. The users frequently witness technical issues and so they put up questions like how to connect to a Canon Printer from iPhone? 

Frequent ways to connect Canon Printer from iPhone!

  • If you want to connect it, you are supposed to check out the iOS version 
  • And then install Canon Print InkJet/SELPHY on your smartphone 
  • And then download and install Canon Print Inkjet/SELPHY from the app store
  • Then, you should connect SELPHY with your smartphone and then 
  • Use your SELPHY to print images on your smartphone. 


By applying the steps, one by one then you would be able to troubleshoot the issues without any fuss. Users keep on asking how to add AirPrint to iPhone? Now, to do it, you should follow and execute the steps. Executing the steps one by one and then checking out the iOS version and installing the Canon Printer Inkjet would be helpful. Have a look at the steps to understand in a better way.