Worried about car theft and want to know the driving track and real-time location of your car? You only need to install a car personal tracker gps in the car to do the above two points. Of course, as the latest GPS car locator, it not only has the mobile phone to control the real-time positioning accurate to within 5 meters, find the driving track, but also monitor the recording in real time. Features. Falcon Internet GPS products use domestic Beidou chips and German GPS chip advanced technology. Don't compare some products with dozens of dollars to us. Next, let's take a look at how to choose a good personal tracker gps.

Xiao Bian entered "GPS positioning tracking" on major shopping websites to search and found that GPS positioning has various styles and sizes, and the price is between 100 yuan and 1000 yuan. Many sellers claim that the products can be "anti-theft" and "vibration alarm" , "precise positioning", and some sellers even claim that this product is a "little three nemesis". So when shopping, how should you choose?

1. Distinguish between base station positioning and GPS satellite positioning

The editor learned that there are currently two personal tracker gps products on the market: one is a mobile phone positioning product based on base station positioning, which is not actually a personal tracker gps product, but claims to be a personal tracker gps product to mislead consumers. Most consumers do not know the difference between the two because they are not professional. Ordinary users have a way to distinguish whether a product is a personal tracker gps product.

Base station positioning can only achieve simple positioning, but cannot achieve functions such as trajectory and real-time tracking, and the positioning accuracy is related to the number and location of base stations. Generally, the positioning accuracy is about 200 to 2000 meters, and the positioning is not accurate.

The personal tracker gps product can query the trajectory of the device at any time and track the situation of the device. In terms of positioning accuracy, the normal error of personal tracker gps products is within 15 meters, and good products can achieve 5-10 meters.

2. Choose a well-known brand or a slightly higher price

The hardware product of personal tracker gps is the basis of whether the GPS vehicle monitoring platform can be used normally. The performance of personal tracker gps product and whether the product can work stably for a long time depends on the hardware quality of personal tracker gps product. At present, the threshold for entering the personal tracker gps product field is getting lower and lower, the market is full of various personal tracker gps products, and the quality of GPS vehicle terminal hardware is also uneven. Therefore, users must choose a manufacturer with high reputation, large scale, and a certain production history in the selection of GPS car locator hardware. Because such manufacturers have accumulated a lot of personal tracker gps manufacturing experience in years of research and development and production, and the fineness of product workmanship will be relatively guaranteed.

If you don’t know those brands, you can check them on Tmall and JD.com, or you can choose some products with higher prices to buy. After all, you get what you pay for. It's best not to buy experiments that are cheap.

3. Look at after-sales service

When it comes to after-sales, it is often the most concerned issue for users. Some manufacturers sell the product and then disappear, or you call the manufacturer to change it, but the manufacturer delays it again and again, which directly affects the use of GPS products by users. There are many users who are unable to change other brands of GPS products due to the poor after-sales service of the manufacturer.

Summary: The pros and cons of personal tracker gps here are the price and the number of functions. The most basic thing is the speed of its star search and the accuracy of positioning. In the purchase process, remember to shop around and check whether the product you choose is a product purchased by a regular brand manufacturer to ensure the safety and security of your own use.

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