Therefore many places the people speak English for me I had to be super intentional about making sure that people let me essay writing in LiverPool help online practice Spanish with them even if they knew I spoke English a lot of people would just be like start to speak to me in English and I'd be like telling them in Spanish like I want to practice Spanish so please like continue to talk in Spanish some places you will have it where it's like very touristy and they will cater to people that speak English but it's your job to tell them like I'm trying to learn but there are other places like if you go I don't know to a different part of Spain or a certain part of Italy or France like where they will only speak that language and that is way better if you're intending on becoming like really good at a language to go to a place where they literally only speak that language and don't cater to Americans they are tourists in general also I took two classes in Spanish so that helped a lot and I lived with a host mom who couldn't speak English but you're not going to become fluent.

It's three months of your life if you're doing a best cheap essay writing help semester I already had learned Spanish for like four years so that helped me a lot okay next I'm going to travel every weekend this one is definitely dependent on each person for me I did not travel every single weekend but I would try to travel most weekends even if that meant traveling in Spain because we wouldn't have classes on Fridays so I try to use that as an opportunity to take a weekend trip Friday through Sunday also depends on your money you really need to like plan your trips and plan your weekends from the beginning in order to save money because it starts to get more expensive the longer you wait believe that a lot of people go into it like I'm gonna travel every single weekend all these places all around Europe time goes fast once you get there and I know like for me I had probably four more trips in my head that I was going to do but once you get there it's just like you realize maybe I don't want to go there maybe I want to go to this place my classes will be so easy and it won't be my focus while I'm there oh I was kind of a wreck with classes I didn't have any gen Ed's left so I just didn't have a lot of options for classes the classes there are very different for me like classes were not easy like I was constantly thinking about school because I had to you really have to study because you really don't a lot of homework most of your points is from tests yeah it wasn't just like to tell how are you at school no next is public transportation will be so difficult to learn.