The clothes you have in your closet are made up of different fabric materials. The distinguishing properties these materials will help you identify them. As a result of this, when discussing fabric materials, there is a very huge possibility you would agree on which one is better. Regardless, knit fabrics seem to have a lot of advantages over many other types, this is why we would take a deeper look at it.

  A knit fabric is one which is made as a product of knitting. Knitting is the use of special needles to design yarns into an elastic material. His is why the knit fabric is made at a much faster pace than other types of fabrics. Knitting is not a difficult task, that is why it can be done quickly. The practice of knitting is not restricted to the use of hands and needles alone, advancement in technology has provided for knitting machines these days which produce much finer results than those done by hand .

  Differences Between Knitted and Woven Fabric

  When you are confused about the type of material you have, just look out for these features to know if it is knitted or woven.


  Woven and knitted fabrics stretch differently, it is even safe to say the woven fabric does not stretch well. A knitted fabric is elastic so it will stretch well on the length and a bit on the width as well, but not as much. A woven material will hardly stretch on the length and almost does not on the width.


  When you hold a material in your hand and squeeze it, you will naturally see wrinkles after you release the fabric, but if you don’t see wrinkles, that means it is a knitted fabric. Woven fabrics are the ones that get wrinkled easily.


  This method is used to tell the difference when the fabrics have been used to make clothes. If you have just bought a dress and want to know if it is a knitted or woven fabric, wear it and check it if fits all your curve, it if does, you have a knitted fabric, if it has sharp edges, it is woven. A knit is also much more likely to contour to your body whereas a woven is not really supposed to.

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