Once players have won the Luterra Castle campaign in Lost Ark and taken on the arduous task of retrieving all seven arks, they will be directed to the mainland of Totoic in search of the next ark. As players disembark from their personal boats in anticipation of finding cities and civilizations, they'll find a group of tiny Mokoko dwarves, a rumored Mokoko village deep in the jungle. What's the Best Way to Get Lost Ark Gold? I think is that buying gold from MMOWTS.

These Mokokos need the help of sound adventurers just like the humans of Luterra. One of the Mokokos, Pastata, is quite afraid of humans, as a group of human pirates have captured several Mokokos in the area. But if the player is willing to help his friends, he will trust them. By the way, MMOWTS has become the first choice for the vast majority of players, where players can buy a lot of Lost Ark Gold at low prices.

Players can learn from Posaka and Pokura that the kidnapped Mokoko is being held in a pirate camp to the north. If the player has the guts enough to fight a bloody path with the looters, there is a chance to free the captured Mokoko. After saving Mokamoka, Gold Lost Ark players head north to a Mokoko named Dakudaku. He will ask the player to track down his daughter's whereabouts downstream.

While searching for Dakudaku's daughter, players will come across a bridge that spans a section of the river, all without her trace. Fortunately, a group of similarly displaced Mokoko gathered nearby. Among the group, Duriduri believes the missing Mokoko may be located somewhere on the north side of the meandering river, prompting further westward searches.

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Adventure further northwest, players will find a discarded Mokoko bag leading to the direction of the rocky river outcrop to the north. Smismi, a bystander to Mokoko, finds a Mokoko child trapped precariously on a rock in the middle of the river. The player's long legs make them the only ones able to jump from rock to rock to rescue small children.

After players find Dakudaku's lost daughter, Matimati, and bring her back to the dry land, Matimati invites players into the hidden Mokoko Village to further their search for Tortoyk's Ark. If players are missing Lost Ark Gold while playing the game, players are advised to visit  https://www.mmowts.com/ immediately and place an order. They are ready to offer players the cheapest Lost Ark Gold.