As you know, there are various sofa fabrics, whether it is cotton, linen or leather, etc., a popular sofa is to be in harmony with the home. Here are the fabrics you might choose.

    Sofa fabric: Burnout Velvet Fabric

    The velvet is luxurious, silky, and tactile. It colors very well and produces uniquely rich shades with a lot of depth and richness. The downside to expensive silk velvets is that they are easy to dye and can be expensive. For a velvet sofa that will be used regularly in almost anyone's home, we love tightly woven high-performance velvet that will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Especially look for velvet woven from cleanable, high-performance polyester to resist fading, crushing, stains, and heavy traffic. All the tactile benefits, no headaches.

    Sofa fabric: cotton

    Cotton is a natural fiber that is a sofa staple for several practical reasons. First, cotton is one of the most cost-effective options - always a plus. Second, cotton comes in great patterns and colors, so it's versatile. From crisp white to deep indigo, from leopard print to cabin stripe, the colors and patterns of cotton are almost endless. Finally, cotton resists fading, which is key if your sofa will be in direct sunlight.

    The downside of cotton is that it is prone to stains, so we recommend professionally treating any cotton sofa before taking it home to keep it looking fresh. Alternatively, opt for an intricate pattern whose stain resistance is such that it's a professional concealer.

    Sofa fabric: linen

    The weave of linen is slightly looser than cotton, giving it its unique texture, ranging from smooth and shiny to thick and lumpy. The tricky thing about linen is that -- like linen clothing -- it can wrinkle and stain easily. That's why high-performance linen is our go-to for sofas that need to stand up to high traffic. If you have kids or pets (or any messy ice cream eaters in your home), high-performance linen is a great durable fabric choice for you. It's a more structured fabric than regular linen, so it holds its shape well while still feeling soft and comfortable.

    Linen is also a common choice for sofa covers because it adapts to everyday life without sacrificing style. Not only does it offer great convenience for a quick toss in the washing machine, but it's customizable if you're eager to experiment or change quickly with the seasons.

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