Electronic Arts' Madden Super Madden 22 coins Bowl prediction have a reputation for being completely accurate, yet off base. In the past the game's predictions were highly, extremely wrong. Head to the EA Sports blog to see the more in-depth breakdown of Super Bowl LVI, as predicted by Madden.

In other news, EA also announced a new promotion for Madden NFL 22's Ultimate Team mode. Anyone who completes five miles and logs it with Nike Run Club between February 7-14 will be rewarded with Nike Run Club program between February 7-14 gets an achievement badge , as well as the speed increase to Aaron Donald in the video game.

The real Super Bowl LVI takes place this Sunday, February 13 in the US on NBC. Dwayne "The The Rock" Johnson is showing up during the pre-game festivities, and we're anticipating a lot of ads as well.

As we approach this weekend's NFL Super Bowl, Nike and Madden are teaming up in order to motivate athletes to get active by offering an exclusive player in Ultimate Team.

Between today and February 14, players madden 22 mut coins who run five miles on the Nike Run Club app will be awarded the chance to be a tyrant during Madden 22 with an upgraded version of Aaron Donald. The player's option for the Los Angeles Rams' defensive force will come with a +1 speed upgrade, and users will also be awarded an achievement badge within the Nike Run Club app upon the completion.