From Abyssal Dungeons to Guardians, players can take advantage of the many resources and tools in Lost Ark to win battles across all of its game modes. There are a variety of items in the game to collect to help players become stronger, and players can use honing materials after reaching level 50 to upgrade gear or tools used in battle, such as grenades and potions. Players should Get the Cheapest Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS for Better Development in Lost Ark.

To give players more chances to earn these materials in the form of Fever rewards, Amazon Games recently introduced another way. Players can claim these rewards on certain weekends. In April, the developers celebrated the arrival of Spring in Lost Ark with Spring Fever's weekend, giving players free rewards. If a player is missing Lost Ark Gold, they can always visit to purchase it.

Spring Fever rewards can be earned directly through the user interface, similar to monthly login rewards, so the process of claiming these rewards is very simple. First, the player needs to log into the game and connect to the character the player wants to get the reward. If a Spring Fever reward is available, players will see a clock on the left side of the minimap with a red button in the corner.

Lost Ark Gold

Players need to tap the clock button and then click the "Claim Reward" button at the bottom of the tab that appears. Generally, these rewards include Battle Chest items, Phoenix Feathers, and Buff Meals. If the clock does not have a red button, the player has no rewards to claim. But after clicking it, players will see a window appear that will show a schedule of the next available rewards.

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Players will be able to claim these rewards on weekends, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. They're a weekend boost that rewards players for spending time on the game on both days. In the process of playing the game, players will need to consume a lot of  Gold Lost Ark. That's not a small number for players who don't have a lot of time to play the game. Therefore, I recommend players to buy cheap Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS.