Shego is one of the popular characters in the animated series Kim Possible. She is in each one of the villains of the series, working for Dr, Drakken as his sidekick, stealing stuff from him, and protecting him from harm. Despite working with the villain, she likes to insult him as often as she’s going to be ready to, as Dr. Drakken, along with Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, are the three characters that irritate her foremost.

Shego is well-known also for her outfit, her iconic black, and green costume. It shows that her iconic outfit is the only option when it involves dressing up thanks to the villain. It consists of a black and green full-body jumpsuit with black gloves on the proper hand and green gloves on the left side. The cosplay set will include a green belt and a pair of shoes with the left boot colored green and also the correct boot colored black. The cosplay set is completed with an extended black wig t in Shego’s hairstyle. the gathering will include black lipstick for Shego’s lip color and a black small eye shadow for the character’s eye make-up.


Tips on the Costume

  • The Shego Halloween costume runs large, so we advise you to size down one or two sizes to confirm a comfortable fit. There’s nothing cute about a couple of saggy bodysuits, especially within the crotch region.
  • The costume comes with everything you wish, including gloves, a wraparound calf pouch, and “boot” illusions. The feet of the bodysuit actually stretch over the shoes of your choice, leaving room for the heel to return out, so you’ll be able to wear them with flats, heels, shoes, boots – whatever you favor.
  • Since Shego wears boots within the show, choose knee-high pointed toe stilettos and tried to control the bodysuit to match the particular top edges of your boots.
  • If you would like to boost your natural curves and acquire closer to Shego’s cartoon-character proportions, you’ll be able to wear shapewear or a waist cincher underneath the bodysuit.

Customizing the Costume

There wasn’t much DIY work required, because the Shego costume comes almost ready to go. But if you’re a perfectionist, there’s some quick stuff you’ll do to boost the costume.

  • Glue down the buttons: The button at the neck and also the button at the waist are both stitched on, and since of this they flop around the touch and don’t look great. You used hot glue and glued them down so there was no more movement.
  • Fold-down the turtleneck portion: To form the neck more structured, fold it inwards and secure it with double-sided tape. (It’ll prevent lots of hassle of it coming undone.)

Shego Cosplay Makeup

Now, this could be the fun part. Don’t merely paint your whole face mint green to match the show. Always try to make your cosplays the live-action equivalent of the animated character, so attempted to imagine what Shego’s otherworldly skin tone is often really.

Color your face using your lightest foundation mixed with slightly white, then used some green eyeshadows to feature a green hue to your face, essentially using the shadows as your contour. Brush the lightest green shadow around the perimeter of your face, cheekbones, sides of your nose, and forehead, then used a darker green shadow to further carve out your cheekbones, jawline, and eye sockets to feature dimension.

Block out your real brows with glue and concealer and drew new, angular, angry-looking brows using black liquid eyeliner, with matte black shadow pressed on top to completely mattify them. The identical black liquid liner forms a bold winged eye, sharpening up the inner corners of your eyes further.

To create the Kim Possible signature lip shape, fill in your top lip (and rounded out the cupid’s bow) with black liquid liner. Conceal your bottom lip to hide its natural color, then dabbed barely the sunshine green matte shadow on top of that. Using the identical black liquid liner, draw a thin line along your lower lip, ensuring to not connect it to the very best lip.

Do Shego’s lips with a water-resistant black liquid liner rather than black lipstick to substantiate the color wouldn’t transfer to your bottom lip. It stayed in place for hours! As a final step, apply mascara and falsies to feature some drama.

The Shego Wig

This wallet-friendly black lace-front wig was pretty great right out of the bag. But again, you probably did some things thereto to need it up a notch. First, sprayed down the whole thing with some dry shampoo, to want away from a variety of that dead giveaway, synthetic hair shine.

You have to trim the lace of the wig really close because the lace can be some shades darker than your skin tone and you needed to hide that. Then put slightly concealer within the wig’s parting to help make it look more like your very own hair.
Next, teased the wig a tiny low amount to make it look more tousled, as Shego is also a lady who literally kicks ass, so her hair would be a small amount disheveled.

Lastly, cut some face-framing layers, including shorter side bang pieces, to mimic Shego’s hair in Kim Possible.

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