White Board Paper Magnetic Box Packaging 3 Pieces Glass EVA Inner

Sichuan Mochi Printing. As a famous company in Chengdu, Mochi has more than 10 years’ experience in package/bound book printing and other paper products’ designing and producing. Gift box, fold box and paper bag are our main products for foreign customers.Get more news about Packaging Boxes White Board,you can vist our website!

Our factory is equipped with complete instruments, such as: Heidelberg Printing process, 9 sets of double side 8-color printing machine, 3 lines of professional hand-craft, 4-color print fluting machine, auto laminating machine, box covering machine, glazing machine and high-accuracy die-cutting machine.

Many international big names are our customers, such like: Marriott Hotel, Shiseido, Pixian Douban and Maotai. Our stable quality, considerable service help our company win reputation in this industry.

We are looking for the chance to cooperate with you and your company.If you’ve been following along with us, you might remember we’ve covered a couple of topics on how to find the best shipping box for your needs. We’ve detailed how to measure a shipping box, essential qualities of shipping boxes, how to find the right box size and why quality matters.

But if you haven’t followed along because you have plenty of other business responsibilities that don’t include reading a packaging company’s resources (we get it), here’s a short overview:

When measuring a shipping box, note that the measurements you see for a box are measured from the inside.
There are four essential qualities you should look for in shipping boxes. Low prices to keep your shipping budget in check, customization so your customers recognize your brand instantly and have a good first impression, a brand value boost and ample support so your shipping and packaging questions get answered.
Your perfect box size depends on how fragile your product is and how much room you’ll need for packing materials.
The quality of your shipping box matters because you want your shipping boxes to withstand the shipping process and arrive at your customer’s door unscathed. 32 ECT is the industry standard for shipping box quality. Make sure your boxes have this measurement!
You’ll also notice that at PrattBox, we currently offer two colors of shipping boxes. The classic kraft brown and mottled white, which is a slightly off-white board usually used for USPS Flat-Rate boxes, cake boards or pizza boxes.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a design expert to have custom boxes for your business. That’s why we pulled together a guide to colors on kraft brown cardboard. And now, we’ll help you figure out whether you need mottled white or kraft brown shipping boxes.


We'll go into detail on your logo colors, how they'll show up on mottled white or kraft brown boxes and give a few examples of how logos will show up on each color.