Amazon workers in New York accuse the company of retaliatory firings |  Engadget


A group of freelance workers at Amazon, Amazonians United,

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accused the e-commerce giant of firing four workers in Queens because they According to BuzzFeed News, the group filed a lawsuit against the National Labor Relations Board on April 14, arguing that

company fired workers from base jobs. "Protesting the terms and conditions of employment," the group also said Amazon had moved. "Prevent trade union activities"Workers at Amazon warehouses in Long Island

City and Woodsland held a mass walkout in March demanding a $3 an hour salary increase. and reinstating a 20-minute break. Motherboard reports on the strike said workers earned about $15.75 to $17.25 an hour,

and Amazon reduced their breaks from 20 to 15 minutes. Employees at the Queens factory joined the petition. It was released in December calling for better bad weather policies and the right to keep phones with them in case of emergencies.